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Make a wish and drop a coin in the waterfall on Lucky Falls Game at Lucky Pants Bingo! Enjoy the beauty of nature and waterfalls on this IGT creation. As you play, you cannot help admiring its lovely background which shows a waterfall under a lovely rainbow, with butterflies flapping their wings as they hover on the grass. All the action takes place in the lush green Irish landscape. Feel its serenity and peace!

Have you ever wondered why people consider it lucky to throw a coin in water after making a wish? It is an ancient practice which started very long ago. As water is essential for life, it is considered as nature’s gift. Plus, the water in waterfalls is clean and pure. Such clean water is not available in some countries. Many European tribes believe water to be a boon from the gods. So, tossing a coin in a fountain or waterfall is like an offering to please the gods while making a wish. Make a wish as well on Lucky Falls Game!

While making a wish, start your gameplay on Lucky Falls Game with the following ticket prices: 50p, £1, £2, £3, £5 and £10. A 50p ticket can make you earn a maximum of £1000 while a £10 ticket awards up to £150,000. The different payouts are displayed on the screen. Aim for the top prize as you enjoy this game!

Once you choose the ticket price on Lucky Falls Game, a waterfall containing rows of rocks is displayed. Simply press “Drop” to drop coins from the top of your screen which then bounce off the rocks to fall into one of the buckets at the bottom of the screen. Drop at least 3 coins in the same bucket to win the corresponding prize!

Lucky Falls Game consists mainly of Clover symbols in different colours and coins. There is a total of 6 buckets and the 7 available coins represent 7 winning opportunities. A prize amount is indicated for each bucket as per its colour. Plus, if you want to relax in the coolness of the waterfall, make use of the Auto Play feature to enjoy a set number of rounds played automatically. If you click on the Stop button during Auto Play, the option is cancelled.

That’s not all! Lucky Falls Game also comes with an Instant Win Bonus Round. It becomes active when your coin drops into the Treasure Pot found in the centre. Different gemstones are displayed during this round. Click on one of them to reveal a random cash prize. As you have noticed, no special skills are needed to enjoy this bonus feature!

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