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Bingo lovers can enjoy some entertaining moments by the side of two ladybugs at Lucky Pants Bingo by playing Lil’ Lady Bingo Instant Win Game. Created by the top game developer, IGT, this game is a distinct variation of bingo game. It does not consist of any paylines or lines and is instead played on a bingo card. Like the title suggests, this game is themed on bingo. The background of the game portrays a bingo board, and on its top, you will see the two ladybugs holding the draw cup. As for the bingo card, it is set on the right hand-side of the display. To keep you amused, a funky music can be heard whenever the game is in play.

On Lil’ Lady Bingo Instant Win Game, each time you place a bet, you have 35 draws from the bingo cup. The bet amounts you can select from on the Price Tab are £10.00, £5.00, £3.00, £2.00 and £1.00. The drop down shows these bets and you have to click on your preferred stake, for it to be applied. 

The bingo card is made of 5 lines, 5 rows and 25 squares. On this 25-squared card, you will see 3 squares which are numberless, and the word ‘Free’ is written on these. These squares act like jokers, and you don’t have to mark these. The game gives you two options: Manual Dabbing or Automatic Dabbing. If you choose auto-dab, the cards will be marked on their own once the numbers are being called. If you select the manual-dab, then you have to mark the numbers one by one, as they glow when they have been called.

Lil’ Lady Bingo Instant Win Game also gives you these two options: ‘Draw All’ and ‘Draw One’. By clicking on ‘Draw All’, the 35 balls will be automatically called consecutively. If you choose on ‘Draw One’, you will have to draw the balls one by one, that is 35 times.

On Lil' Lady Bingo Instant Win Game, you can earn different prize amounts by forming different patterns, as seen on the display. You win the top amount of 1,500x your bet when all the numbers have been marked on the card. If the ‘Z’ pattern is dabbed on a card, you grab 25x your stake. For 10x your total stake, the card must be marked in an ‘X’ pattern. When the 4 corners are dabbed, you win 2x your stake, and you are awarded 1x your stake when one line has been marked. If one or more of these patterns have been marked, the specified winnings are added to your Total Balance.

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