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When it comes to card games, there are only a few ones that match the gameplay of Let It Ride. Packed with fun moments and options to thrill your gameplay in all the right ways, this card game is all that you might need to grace your entertainment moments. Thanks to this adaptation of Stud Poker, you can plunge straight to the core of entertainment in a few clicks! Looking to play this game? Log into Lucky Pants Bingo and spare a round or two.

Okay, so, enough of the suspense. Let’s have a little sneak peek on what marvels lies within Let It Ride. To begin your gameplay, you will have to register for an account or log into your existing account at Lucky Pants Bingo. Did you know that this card game is supported on mobile, tablet and desktop devices as well? Well, this game is bringing the accessibility level to a new height!

Set on a catchy blue table, Let It Ride shares an innovative gameplay. Start by selecting the chip value and setting up the stake on the three marked areas. You can choose values from a minimum of £0.10 up to a maximum of £5.00. Plus, multiple clicks on the betting areas will stack up to the chips, increasing the total bet currently in Let It Ride.

Let It Ride is played with a 52-card deck which is shuffled each round. At the start of each round, after the player has wagered, three cards are dealt with one face up. Then, the player decides whether to pull (remove a bet on a marked area) or Let It Ride (keep the bets as it is). When you are good to proceed, another card will be revealed, and you will have to either pull or Let It Ride once again.

In the end, if your hand is a ten or better, you are awarded wins based on the pay table. While betting, you can choose to set a 3 Card Side Bet as well. To win your side bet, you will need to get a pair or better amongst the three cards dealt with you.

Of course, there are a plethora of features like the Re-bets, Double Bets and other helpful options that can aid you to have a better user experience or be more at ease during your gameplay.

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