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Krazee Millions Game is a one of a kind online game that has been developed by Newlette and it is present at Lucky Pants Bingo. This innovative game is the first one of its kind, where you won’t find the regular spinning reels. Instead of the usual symbols, will find 15 independent reels in their place, and they are in the form of pie charts rotating clockwise on themselves. Each of the reels on Krazee Millions Game has a pointer indicating the top position.

Before each game, you can choose the mode that you prefer, and this can be either Big, Medium or Frequent Wins. This will fill the win percentage frequency slice in each of the pie chart reels before they are spun. If the coloured win percentage appearing from left to right land on the pointer when they stop rotating, you win.

On Krazee Millions Game, you can choose Bet Size ranging from £0.10, £0.50, £1.00 to £10.00 per each spin and the Jackpot feature is only available as from stake value of a minimum of £1.00. The three different wheel share modes that you can pick on Krazee Millions Game are Mega, Big and Frequent and each of them will give you a different slice percentage on the reels. You will get 50% of the wheel share with the Mega mode where wins are infrequent. On the Big mode, the wins are at a normal rate and it takes 60% of the wheel share. And the Frequent mode will award you frequent wins that are smaller with a wheel share of 70%.

While playing Krazee Millions Game, you will find 5 reels on each row. After selecting your bet value and the payout mode, you can press on the Spin button to start a new game. The Pink coloured reel on each row is where the Piggy Multiplier can appear when the coloured slice stops on the pointer. Each time you get 3 pigs the multiplier meter located on the right-hand side of the reels it increases the multiplier value. Any piggy multiplier collected on a specific wheel share is lost if you shift to a different wheel share mode. The Pig symbol appearing in a row also acts as the Wild symbol. A two of a kind will award you 3x your stake amount, while a three of a kind comes with 5x your stake value. Get a four of a kind to benefit on a row to win 8x your stake value. And finally, you can win 12x your stake value with a 5 of a kind winning combination.

After each spin on Krazee Millions Game, you have the option to use the Re-Spin feature for each row separately. And for each row, you can re-spin as many time as you want. You can use the Re-Spin feature to accumulate those bonus Wilds and increase the multiplier meter and eventually lead you to the Jackpot Feature when the meter fall is 100% full. The Jackpot feature is also triggered when all reel slices are on their respective pointers. During this feature, your aim is to pick and reveal 3 matching avatars from a 4x3 grid to win to its respective prize value. 3 Pigs, Red Alien, Green Face, and Blue Face avatars revealed will award you 100,000, 9,000, 2,000, and 1,000 respectively when you are playing with the highest stake value. Any win awarded during the Jackpot feature is then multiplier with the Piggy Multiplier earned during the base game.

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