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Some ghosts have taken the command at Lucky Pants Bingo. They have found refuge on Ghostbusters Spectral Search Instant Win Game. To bring back the peace and to stop the hauntings, you can catch these ghosts by playing this game, which has been created by IGT. This modern type of casino game does not come with any paylines or reels. Instead, Ghostbusters Spectral Search Instant Win Game makes you familiar to different spooky locations while the strange symbols, might make you happy. Be a brave heart and try Ghostbusters Spectral Search at Lucky Pants Bingo. When the game is on, you better not be scared while the haunting background music is heard!

You can set your desired stake on Ghostbusters Spectral Search Instant Win Game. On the Ticket Cost Tab found on the display, you can select your bet amount; the choice of stakes varies from £1 to £10. You simply need to press on the + or – signs to increase or decrease your bet.

After the stake has been placed, you will have to select one out of six locations to start then ghost-hunt. The different locations you can choose from are: Restaurant, Corridor, Alley, Library, Train Station and Roof. To see the different locations before making your choice on Ghostbusters Spectral Search Instant Win Game, you can press on the arrows. When the locations appear, you will also see which ghosts they hide. The display also features a board showing the number of symbols forming a winning combination, and the winnings they give. The combinations and the winnings multiplied by your stake they award are: 4 white ghosts for 1500x, 4 red devils for 250x, 3 purple monsters for 100x, 3 pink man for 30x, 3 red ghosts for 15x, 3 yellow ghosts for 5x and 1 blue ghosts for 1x. An instant win is awarded if the Green Ghost is seen on any of the panes.

The location which you choose on Ghostbusters Spectral Search Instant Win Game will appear as the display. On that display, you will have to click on 5 out of 9 red panes, to reveal the ghost symbols. The revealed symbols will appear on the board, so that you know how many more are needed to form a winning combination. Then, you will have the chance to choose another location, and the same process have to be done. If any combinations are completed when the game ends, that prize amount is added to your balance. There’s an Auto-Reveal Tab on the display; you can click on this to have all the symbols uncovered, instead of clicking on these one by one.

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