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Welcome to the colourful world of cubes on Colour Cubes Instant Win Game at Lucky Pants Bingo. This is a match 3 style arcade game, where you just have to match cubes with similar colours to have a chance of grabbing numerous different prize values. Enjoy the fun atmosphere as you play this virtually fast-paced game.

There is a 7x7 grid located on the right-hand side of the screen, where the colourful cubes appear on each new game. Your objective on Colour Cubes Instant Win Game is to get cubes of matching colours on the grid and collect them. These cubes are collected in various rows located on the right-hand side of the game, in the prize table. The numerous symbols landing on Colour Cubes Instant Win Game are the Pink Cube, Green Cube, Orange Cube, Blue Cube, Yellow Cube, Green Cube, Red Cube, Bomb, and Star.

You can choose your preferred stake value on the Ticket Cost field. The coin sizes available on Colour Cubes Instant Win Game are £1, £2, £3, £5, and £10. After having placed your bet, a new game will start. Nine turns are available on each new game that you play. The game can either be played manually by pressing on the GO button, or you can opt for the automated gameplay by pressing on the Auto-Reveal button.

A prize of £2 is automatically awarded to you when a Star Cube is earned on the grid of Colour Cubes Instant Win Game. The prize amount goes instant into your account. When you collect a Bomb cube, all symbols that surround this specific cube are similarly collected. As various cubes are collected when the Bomb symbol is earned, your chances of getting a win may also be increased. Your payout is based on the bet amount.

Each time you press on the GO button, two lines will automatically move on the grid and then it will stop randomly on winning combos made up of three or more cubes with matching colours. And when winning combinations are found on the grid, the symbols forming the combo are transfers on the various rows making up the prize table. This will allow you to keep the count on the number of cubes required to earn each of the prizes. While playing Colour Cubes Instant Win Game, a prize is awarded when you have collected six red cubes, seven orange cubes, eight yellow cubes, nine green cubes, 10 blue cubes, or 11 pink cubes respectively.

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