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Discover the simplicity of pandas in the jungle with the new Wacky Panda Slots, playable at Lucky Pants Bingo. It is a creation of Microgaming Systems and is a simple 3 reels, 1 payline slot. The background offers the view of a lush green forest framed with bamboos. This game has a cartoonish feel to it and you might like the cute panda theme.

Pandas are the very personifications of cuteness and simplicity as they roam about in the jungle. They are good climbers and swimmers. However, they do not hibernate like the other bears. To make their jaws and teeth stronger, they feed on bamboos. All the cute-looking pandas from the world are on loan from China. In the wild, you will find about 2,000 pandas. It’s lifetime in the wild is approximately 20 years! Around 55% of a giant panda’s life is spent collecting, preparing and eating bamboo. The fluffy and cute animal lived on Earth for 2 to 3 million years, and they have now taken over Wacky Panda Slot.

Pandas were feared by Chinese people in ancient times. They described them as metal-devouring black and white tapirs. They are considered as endangered! A panda cub’s eyespots are initially in the shape of a circle. It turns like a teardrop once the cub grows. Though pandas can stand upright, their short hind legs cannot support their bodies as they aren’t strong enough. They do not run fast, but instead slow trot. The fastest bear, known as the black bear can run 35 miles per hour. They rely more on spatial memory rather than visual.

On Wacky Panda Slots, you can find symbols like Bananas, Watermelons and Grapes, and also 5 cute pandas. The highest value panda symbol pays up to 3333 for 3 of a kind and the lowest value fruit symbol pays out 60 for 3 of a kind. So, a winning combination consists of 3 matching symbols in the middle of the reels of Wacky Panda Slot. Start your game by picking your betting amounts which range from 1p to £15.00. On “Settings”, you have the options to select your Coins, Credits, Sounds and Quick Spin. All the wins from left to right and in any position, are multiplied by the bet per line. The highest win however, is paid per line.

If you are a fan of simple slot games, you might like Wacky Panda Slots as it does not have any other special features, be it bonus, free spins, scatters or wilds. That is why it is easier to play and win on this game, without worrying about the detailed rules.

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