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Start a great adventure in space on Objective Jupiter Slot at Lucky Pants Bingo. It is created by Geco – Miko Apps and consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game is set on a lovely background showing outer space, twinkling stars and the surface of the planet Jupiter. The reels are also set within bright frames. The graphics and animations on this slot takes you to a different world altogether!

Planet Jupiter is the fifth one out from the Sun. Made up of gases, it is often referred to as the “gas giant”. From a distance, it looks as if it has stripes on it and the Great Red Spot is one of its famous features.

On the reels of Objective Jupiter Slot, the following symbols can be seen: Brown, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink Balls, Female and Male Astronauts, A, Q, K, J and 10. Select the available coin values to start your game, the minimum being 4p. The Max Bet button allows you to place the highest bet with the maximum number of lines. Enjoy a number of automatic spins with the Auto Spin option.

Wilds represented by Green Rockets replace all symbols apart from Bonus, Scatter and Energy. Expanding Wilds on the middle reel substitute for the 3 vertical shapes. Three or more Bonus shapes on the reels of Objective Jupiter Slot trigger a Bonus game that consists of catching flying elements to win extra prizes. Scatters appear anywhere and are not restricted to line wins. They define the scatter multiplier which is multiplied by the current total bet, paying up to 200 units for 5 of a kind.

The 4 game levels on Objective Jupiter Slot represent the following 4 planets: Earth, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. Reach the required energy quota, as displayed on the counter at the top right of the screen, to open each level. On the middle reel, collect the energy shapes to move up the 4 levels. Each of them awards units equal to the current total bet. So the more you bet, the quicker you progress through the levels.

At Level 4, energy turns into betting money which allows you to wager for free. Your energy quota is also doubled. The free wagers are deducted from your energy balance and the wins added to your game balance. When the energy balance is depleted, Level 4 ends. At Level 4, Energy and Bonus symbols are not available. Unlock a new level on Objective Jupiter Slot and enjoy an Interlevel Game which consists of catching flying shapes before they disappear to earn extra prizes. Asteroids, however, are to be avoided as they incur a 3-second penalty during which shapes cannot be touched.

With Early collection of energy, you can double up your quota after completing levels 1 and 2, without having to wait for Level 4. However, this forfeits the Level 4 double-up. To use this option, press the Collect button, which converts energy into betting money. Free Spins then start and end when energy is depleted, which also applies to Level 4 free spins. You can continue playing without early collection by pressing the Bank button.

The Gamble button on Objective Jupiter Slot allows you to double your wins during a coin flip game, by selecting either heads or tails. Make the correct choice and see your last win doubled. Or, if you make the wrong choice, the last win is lost. Collect or Gamble is not available during Bonus and Interlevel games.

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