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  • Monopoly Big Money Reel

Here’s the dice! Give it a good roll and who knows, your token might end up on property that you’ve been dreaming of buying! Well, that’s how Monopoly is played, right? Who knew that this entertaining board game could inspire the creation of slot games. Say yes to Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot, a five-reel slot game by Scientific Games. As this game has been evaluated and noted to possess terrific features and potency of thrilling players, it has emerged live at Lucky Pants Bingo. Care to give it a spin?

A comical blue background can be encountered on Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot. But that’s not all! Piles of gold coins along with notes are seen, plunging any players in the feel of riches and monopoly fortune! Awesome, right? Don’t waste too much time. Log onto your Lucky Pants Bingo account to start playing Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot.

Begin by adjusting the stakes of the game according to your convenience. Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot presents a minimum of 0.40 and a maximum of 200.00 as bets. Simply click onto the plus and minus button presented on the user-interface tab to navigate through the various values. Once you are comfy with the bets, click spin!

Behold the plethora of marvellous features available on Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot. You could come across diverse symbols such as Monopoly Man, Tower, Dog, Plane, Cruise, Car, Hat, Wheelbarrow, Shoe, Thimble and various Notes.

One of those symbols is the Wild Symbol and it is depicted as a Symbol with the letter M on it! It can chip in any combination as another symbol to award a win! However, it cannot replace Notes Symbols.

There are plenty of features to increase your potential wins on Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot. One of these features is the Mystery Bills Feature. At random, during the main game, you can obtain additional Notes Symbols on the reels. When this happens, the other notes symbols present onto the reels can be transformed into the same note to award better wins.

On this five-reel slot game, all Notes symbols are actually Scatter Symbols. In the event you manage to hit 5 or more of the same note symbol, you activate the Monopoly Big Money Reel Spin. In this regard, all notes symbols on the reels are collected and you are awarded a multiplier equal to the number of notes collected.

There are 2 cards that you can hit; Utility Bonus & Go Free Spins Bonus. If you hit a Utility Bonus Card on the reels, you trigger the Utility Bonus. You will instantly receive a prize amounting up to a maximum of 500.00. Mr Monopoly will appear, and you will have to pick a hand to reveal a Spin, a Collect or a Collectx2 symbol. These will award special prizes as follows;

Spin: You will spin an alternate set of reels whereby multipliers and credits are present. You can win credits up to 2500.00 during the feature which is then added to the total wins of the round. If you obtain a multiplier, the number displayed is added to the total wins of the round, amplifying the wins! How fabulous is that! You are awarded another pick of the Utility Bonus after a spin is complete.

Collect: If you pick the Collect, you are rewarded with all the credits, you’ve managed to earn so far. No pick is awarded after this one.

Collectx2: If you pick the Collectx2, all the credits you’ve earned are doubled and then rewarded to you. There are no picks after this one as well.

If you hit a Go Free Spins Bonus Card, you are awarded 8 Free Spins. This feature is played on another set of reels. At the beginning of each round, you get to choose a Go Symbol to reveal a note symbol enclosed within. The note symbol that you will obtain will be the only note value to appear throughout the Free Spins Bonus Card Feature. For any 3 extra Go Extra Spin Symbol landed during the feature, you are awarded additional Free Spins. Any 4 or 5 extra Go Extra Spins Symbol landed will award you a 5x or 50x multiplier respectively as well as additional Free Spins.

If you fulfil the requirements for Extra Free Spins, the reels will spin to determine the number of extra free spins that you can obtain. Up to 50 Extra Free Spins can be won.

Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot is packed with top features that can deliver a good dose of fun. Did you know that Lucky Pants Bingo is swarming with Monopoly games? Give a try to other Monopoly games such as Monopoly Once Around Deluxe Slot, Monopoly Big Event Slot, Super Monopoly Money Slot, Epic Monopoly II, Monopoly Bring the House Down amongst plethora others. They are as fun as Monopoly Big Money Reel Slot!