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Introduction to Icy Gems Slot

Usually, fine jewellery is high in monetary value. What every so often makes it special is that it’s steeped in significance. A piece of jewellery normally has a specific aura that does not fade; it is with it that almost everyone marks the milestones of their lives – love, traditions, travels, birthdays, parenthood, friendships, marriage and engagement. Fancy discovering the history of some favourite gemstones and their mythological meanings?

Ruby – The word for ruby in Sanskrit is “king of precious stones”. Back in the days, it was thought by some that those who offered exceptional rubies to the god Krishna could be reborn as monarchs. Usually, rubies were divided into four casts. Among the upper classes and European royalty, rubies were thought to guarantee wisdom, wealth, good health and success in love. They have become the most sought-after gems.

Lapis – Lapis lazuli has continuously been associated with deities and royalty. Egyptians thought that it came from space and provided protection in the afterlife. Hence, they used it in burial masks, in jewellery, in totemic objects and in their statues of the gods. Lapis was regularly placed in catacombs alongside the deceased in Africa, Asia and Europe as well.

Emerald – As per legend, an emerald was one of the gravels granted by God to King Solomon. It was a gift that bestowed the King with power over all creation. The Incas used them in both their religious ceremonies and jewellery. However, the Spanish who normally treasured silver and gold far more than they did gems, exchanged the stone for precious metals.

Diamond – They are the only jewels which contained one pure element, carbon. The particles of which bond in perfect equilibrium and make the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet. Thanks to these physical properties, they have long symbolised good fortune, constancy, longevity, incorruptibility, innocence, strength and power.

Time to plunge in the gameplay of Icy Gems Slot. This slot game comes packed with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Jammed with gemstones of all colours and sorts, you will be dumbfounded by the roller-coaster bonus rounds on offer.

How To Play Icy Gems Slot

Designed by Microgaming, the gameplay of Icy Gems Slot is accompanied by gentle and cool music. In fact, the action takes place on a blue reel along with a background of inactive snowflakes. The ream of symbols that you will encounter during the game includes gems in purple, green, blue and red as well as the Icy Gems logo. Other symbols that are present on the reels are the usual Royal Card Values Q, K, J and A. Have some good dosage of fun on Icy Gems Slot!

Start a spinning happening by altering the desired stake amount on the Bet field! The stakes vary from 0.10 up to 100.00. Wondering about the number of lines? They remain active during every spin. There is a Quick Spin option found in the Advanced Settings. It becomes enabled by sliding the arrow to the left. If you are multitasking while playing, you could find this option handy.

The Wild Symbol is represented by the big, golden ‘W’. It replaces all other symbols when lining up on the reels to comprise in winning combinations. On the other hand, you won’t find any Bonus Symbol on the reels. Instead, there is the storage box located on the left of the reels. It becomes active within the Superspin Feature. After each win, a symbol from that combo will load up 1 of the 3 spaces.

The best way to load up the box on Icy Gems Slot is to line up 3 consecutive wins or 2 or 3 wins from a single spin. Normally, after any win, you get a free spin. Therefore, load the box and you might get one Superspin which will contain just what’s in the box. Plus, there are 3 available which will depend on the combination of symbols. Stage Two Gold – two different symbols, Stage One Silver – three different symbols and Stage Three Win Big – one symbol.

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