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Would you like to take home a jackpot? Play Diamond Deal Slot at Lucky Pants Bingo. This creation of Gamevy is an instant win game that’s beautifully set. The background is a show stage, where you will find staircases on each side. The spotlights have added purplish lights to the stage. The game’s screen offers 5 rows and 10 columns. The main aim of Diamond Deal Slot is to click the grids to come upon the diamonds.

Did you know that a moon-sized diamond was found in space? This has been named ‘Lucy’ in reference to the Beatle’s song. Another amazing fact related to diamonds is that Uranus and Neptune may literally rain diamonds.

A fact is that candle flames contain millions of tiny diamonds. For those who thought that diamonds were the rarest. There are at least 10 gems rarer than diamonds. These even change colour depending on the light you see them in.

Diamonds were not first mined. They were actually found alongside or at the bottom of rivers in India. Did you know that diamonds can be made from peanut butter? That’s under high pressure.

Want a share of the jackpot? Select the bet of your choice from £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. Diamond Deal Slot gives you the option to pick each square or you can simply use the ‘Quick Pick’ option. This button will pick 4 squares for you automatically. Your objective on Diamond Deal Slot is to hunt for 10 diamonds. These are kept hidden on the board of 50 squares. Finding 10 diamonds in a row will award the jackpot displayed on top of the game screen. Landing on an empty box will make you lose a life, and the prize amount will fall. The game on Diamond Deal Slot ends when all 4 lives are lost.  

The current prizes will increase each time you find a diamond. Diamond Deal Slot gives you the option to either cash out or not. Your lives are reset to 4 each time you find a diamond. You can cash out any time after your first diamond is found.

Getting 10 diamonds in a row will trigger the jackpot displayed at the top of the game screen. The amount shown is automatically calculated. And if ever you’d like to calculate your pay, you may do so on Diamond Deal Slot. 

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