Boss The Lotto

  • Boss The Lotto slots
  • Boss The Lotto brings to you Boss the Lotto Slot. This game is a creation of Gamevy- Microgaming. This instant win game is very easy to play. Your aim is to swipe 6 bingo balls to double your money. Landing on cash signs will award a pay. The layout of the game is very simple, where you will have a dark background. You will find bingo balls lined up, numbered 1 to 49 and red, purple, pink, dark blue and light blue coloured.

Lottery roots probably date back to 100BC. The game was played in China, but it’s not as we know it in today’s times. The main objective of the game was to raise funds to build The Great Wall of China and for defence expenses. There are many myths that revolve around the game of lottery. One of which is that there are more chances of being hit by lightning than winning a lottery. But there have been many winners’ over the years. The biggest of them is $1.6 billion, $656 million, $648 million, $590 million, $587.5 million and $564 million. Most of these amounts were awarded in the Powerball lottery and Mega Millions Lottery.

Once Boss The Lotto starts, you will have to select the stake of your choice out of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. To play the game you just have to pick the balls you prefer individually or else swipe multiple balls at one go. The good balls will unveil cash symbols. When 6 good balls are selected, the ‘cash out’ button is available. You can either choose to cash out with twice your stake or keep playing. Selecting all 43 good balls will launch the jackpot. Landing on a single bad ball will end your game. Boss The Lotto comprises 6 bad balls.

The random number generator will decide whether the ball is bad or good once you click the ball. The currency sign will appear in Boss The Lotto if the ball is good.

You are awarded the jackpot if you pick all good balls without landing on any bad ones up. The current jackpot can be viewed at the bottom of the game.

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