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Welcome to the wilderness with Big Foot Slot at Lucky Pants Bingo. Rediscover the legendary Bigfoot, the huge ape-like creature, with this 5 reels 20 paylines slot created by Scientific Games. Start a wild adventure looking for the Bigfoot in the jungle. The background shows a lush green forest with snowy mountain peaks and the reels are set on a wooden board.

In American folklore, Bigfoot is a hairy, upright-walking creature that resembles an ape. It leaves behind large footprints and is said to live in the wilderness. Over the years, there have been many hoaxes surrounding the existence of this creature. Some even claimed seeing it across North America. Many sightings have thus been reported, however it has yet to be scientifically proven.

On Big Foot Slot, choose one of the bet values ranging from 0.10 to 300.00. Press the Spin button to initiate the reels. Clicking on the “Play” button activates the Auto Play option which lets you enjoy a number of games that are played in rapid succession. The BB or Big Bet button opens up a panel where you can easily play the Big Bet spins. Choose the following 3 Big Bet Spins that include 5 linked spins and other bonuses:

- £20 Play: play with 20 paylines and get frequent Big Foot Sightings on Big Foot Slot.
- £30 Play: 20 paylines are in play and you can earn frequent Big Foot Sightings, plus supersized Big Foot Symbols during Big Bet spins.
- £50 Play: play with 20 paylines and get supersized Big Foot symbols during Big Bet spins and Free Spins, along with frequent Big Foot Sightings.

On the reels of Big Foot Slot, you can see different High Value symbols, such as: Lion, Wolf and Eagle which award 500, 300 and 250 units for 5 of a kind, respectively. The Medium Value symbols are: Moose, Beaver and Racoon which pay up to 200, 150 and 100 units for 5 of a kind, respectively. The Low Value symbols are: Q, J, K and A that award up to 50 units for 5 of a kind each.

Among the special features, you'll find the Wild that replaces all symbols, except the Scatter, appearing on reels 2 and 4. As for the Scatters, they appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. Three Scatters on adjacent reels activate the Free Spin Bonus on Big Foot Slot. You are then taken to the progressive trail where you start at level 1. Each level consists of different amount of Wilds and Free Spins, as shown below:

- Level 1: 8 Free Spins and 2 Wilds
- Level 2: 7 Free Spins and 3 Wilds
- Level 3: 6 Free Spins and 4 Wilds
- Level 4: 5 Free Spins and 5 Wilds
- Level 5: 4 Free Spins and 6 Wilds
- Level 6: 4 Free Spins and 7 Wilds

When you move up the levels, your previous free spins are held so you may use them later on during the bonus.

Watch out for the Random Big Foot Sightings, which consist of the following mini-features:

- Respin Last Reel: Big Foot respins the last reel to achieve a Free Spins Bonus.
- Random Wilds: The reels are shaken to force a random number of wilds to appear.
- Symbol Swap: Big Foot swaps a symbol to convert a losing outcome into a winning one.
-Respin Reels: All the 5 reels are re-spun after holding any Big Foot symbols in the Free Spins trigger panel.
- Wild Reels: Big Foot forces a wild symbol on reels 2 and 4 until the reels become Wild.

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