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Do you love original games? Try the Tripoll Game at Lucky Pants Bingo! It is a creation of IGT and consists of a grid containing rows of numbers and another one shaped like a pentagon with dice. It is an original and fun game that will take you to the good old days, when you could win with a simple roll of dice!

Tripoll Game has a casual and homely feel to it. On its background, you can see a green tablecloth with a cup of black coffee, as well as a pencil and notebook. So, while enjoying this game, take a few sips of coffee and watch the wins roll in! Your aim on this game is to match your target number with the values on the dice to win.

The bet values on Tripoll Game range from £0.50 to £10.00. During this game, you have 6 turns at rolling 3 dice. Each turn has a target figure and prize. With each turn, the sum of all 3 dice is added and if it matches the target figure on the row, you win its corresponding prize. Start the game by selecting one of the rows and its corresponding prize is then revealed. The dice cup rolls the dice and lifts up to reveal 3 of them. The 3 dice values appear in the row and its corresponding prize is awarded if the total dice value matches the target number.

If 2 of the 3 dice for a winning turn show the same number on Tripoll Game, you can win 2x the prize for that turn. If all 3 dice show the same number, you can win 3x the amount for that turn. If the 3 dice display different numbers, you can win the nominal prize for that turn. The symbols you can see on this game are numbers and dice. Want to speed things up? Make use of the Auto Play button to play a number of rolls in rapid succession.

On Tripoll Game, there are 6 different groups of target figure, as shown below:

A target of 3 or 18.
A target of 4, 5, 16 or 17.
A target of 6, 7, 14 or 15.
A target of 8 or 13.
A target of 9 or 12.
A target of 10 or 11.

The 6 different target figures on Tripoll Game appear in no particular order. Each dice roll on every turn returns a value of 1 to 6. You can win up to 3 times per game. However, non-winning games always have 2 Near-Win experiences. A Near-Win experience is a turn where the target figure is between 1 and 6, exceeding the sum of the first 2 dice rolls.

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