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Lucky Pants Bingo opens its  online gambling arena on a golden nugget called Pixies of the Forest Instant Win. Pixies are some small and sometimes human-like creatures that are the major attractions in magical and mystical stories. In times they depict a fairy, an elf, the popular Leprechaun or even a hobgoblin. This Instant Win game is a creation from IGT and you will be driven in the depths of a fairylike forest. Join the enchanted pixies of Pixies of the Forest Instant Win for some gaming episode. Enjoy!

As you stop by Pixies of the Forest Instant Win, you will discover the Ticket Cost Tab. Choose your bets by clicking on the plus or minus arrows. Here is the wide range of choices at hand: £1.00, £2.00, £3.00, £5.00 and finally £10.00. Now that you are good to go, enter the charmed Pixies of the Forest Instant Win game for some magical gaming sessions. As you explore around, you will stumble upon two grids: Winning Numbers and Your Numbers. The latter is made up of 12 tiles and it is sheltered with leaves. On the other hand, Winning Numbers consists of 3 tiles which are roofed by rubies. Note that no matter what bet amount you’ve selected, the number of tiles stays the same.

After you’ve placed your bets on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win, you have two options. You can either Click on the tiles one by one or Click on Auto-Reveal. As you click on Auto-Reveal, the numbers will appear all at once. To hit on some potential wins, any of the Winning Numbers should match any of Your Numbers. Under Your Numbers, there are their prize values. Now if they match to the Winning Numbers, you can win that exact prize amount. All your entitled winnings will be automatically added to your balance.

On Pixies of the Forest Instant Win, you will discover a symbol called as the Pixie Symbol. It can casually make an appearance on any of the tiles. Whenever you spot the Pixie Symbol on any tiles, you will be bestowed the full prize value of the 12 tiles combined. You can win £1.00 up to a £200.00 if the tiles are revealed.

Do you know, that you can win up to 150,000 coins on Pixies of the Forest Instant Win! That’s cool, right?

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