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Hey football players! Ready to have a fun gaming episode on Golden Boot Game? Lucky Pants Bingo is a online gambling arena that will keep you rooted to your seats. Golden Boot is also known as the Golden Shoe which is awarded to the top goal scorer in league matches and this happens from the top division of the various European National League. Try to become the next Golden Shoe winner by giving Golden Boot Game a try. This game title produced by Microgaming shines amongst the host of existing Football Themed games

As you enter the football pitch of Golden Boot Game, check out your stakes and select your amount according to your preferences. There are a maximum value and a minimum value of £0.05 and £0.01 per ball respectively. If you wish, you can decide on the number of balls that you want to play with. Click on the Ball field and you are good to go. Let your hair down and click on the AutoShoot Option to keep the balls rolling, which means that the playing rounds will play mechanically. Just keep your eyes on the ball for some likely wins.

Golden Boot Game is an arcade game which means that it isn’t in any shape or form like a slot. No paylines and no reels. After going through the different personalisation options, you are ready to pick and choose your favourite country. There are 32 options, a wide range to choose from, right? It makes it even more fun. Now that you have your ideal selection, it's showtime! Pass the ball, trap the ball, feint and dribble, ball control, turn and shoot it! You can swipe sideways like you are performing the banana kick and if you swipe up, the shoot will be straight.  The whole gameplay is based on whether or not you can trick the opponents.

Hang On! Did you know that there were two types of balls on Golden Boot Game? One is referred to as normal and the other one as the golden.

Normal Ball = Awards up to 10 times your overall stake
Golden Ball = Awards up to 500 times your overall bet.

Here is what happens when you drop the ball, in other words, when the balls result in a loss. It simply lights up in Led colours to grant some Free Bonus Balls. Don’t forget that on Golden Boot Game, you have to pick the number of balls you want to fall at once. You will find the balls bounce between the various pins. The Gold balls on Golden Boot Game value 10 times your bet which goes up to 500 times your bet.

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