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Ladies and gents, brace yourself as you are about to explore different islands on Battle Mania instant win game! Once you get started, you will play in one of three teams for the chance to earn interesting prizes. You can challenge monsters using special abilities and crystals. Plus, you can enjoy win boosts through the Treasure Island event. Be prepared to get into action by heading to Lucky Pants Bingo to open the game!

Designed by Microgaming, Battle Mania doesn’t use any reels or paylines. Instead, it enables you to play for cash prizes with a team of five heroes. There are heaps of on-screen action, five islands to explore and multiple bonus features. What’s more? Each of the heroes has a unique “special skill" that helps you during the gameplay. Take out your iOS or Android devices and have some gaming actions!

Plunge into the game by picking the preferred stake amount in the Set Bet field! Coin values range between 0.50 and 100. When you start up Battle Mania, you are prompted to choose a team. Even though you will come across 5 teams in total, you only start with a choice of 3. Each of these offers a different balance of win values and win frequencies.

For instance, Island Guardians enable you to enjoy smaller wins regularly while Champions of Balance grant medium-sized wins at a medium frequency. The teams on Battle Mania can be changed at any point during the game. Don’t worry if you change your mind!

There are five heroes along the bottom. Next to each of them stands a monster. Simply click on "Play" to begin fighting. You must reduce the health bars to zero in order to defeat your enemies in Battle Mania. If a hero is given a skull card, the enemy gets the advantage, and the battle is lost. But if a hero is given a special ability card, they can take full advantage of the randomly-triggered special features.

Battle Mania has five islands to explore. Since you only have access to one island (N.B., Forest Island), you must unlock the rest as you collect island stones. As soon as you have unlocked new islands, you have the option to select island-specific bonus cards. The Treasure Island Event is the highlight of the game. It gives you an extra 25% on prizes won and can make you earn the grand prize by collecting the Magic Stone card.

Watch out for the heroes on Battle Mania! They can help you conquer nice prizes when their unique skills are started via special ability cards. For example, Assira the Druid is able to self-heal and re-join her partners on the battlefield while Eloimaya the Elf can kill her enemies with just one shot. Ready to give it a try?

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