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  • European Roulette Realistic

Roulette features among the most ancient games that exist. There have only been speculations about when the game started, however, the exact time has not yet been found out. Today’s version of Roulette came much later in time as wheels were used as a means of playing games all over the globe. Different types of games were played with the wheel in different countries and it was finally the French who gave the name ‘small wheel’ meaning Roulette in French. LuckyPantsBingo takes you onto the European version of the small wheel game on European Roulette, a game created by Realistic Games.

Stakes that you may use to play on European Roulette are 0.25, 1, 5, 25 or 100, which you may select on the given chips. The play button will appear after you have selected the betting space on the table. Hit the ‘Play’ button if you are sure of your bet else make use of ‘Undo’, ‘Clear All’, ‘Double Bet’ or ‘Spin wheel’.

European Roulette gives you the option to view the previous games history! When clicking on the ‘History’ button, another screen will pop up in which you may check out the percentage of the game outcomes such as the colour, range, similarity, column and dozen. You are also given the option to check out the last number of spins from 1 to 100. A wheel is found on this screen which you may turn as you like to view the different betting spaces or you may simply clear history.

Clicking on the ‘Options’ button on European Roulette will open another window where you will get to select the Dealer’s voice from male or female or turn off. You may as well personalise your spin length, whether you would prefer it long, normal or short. You may even choose whether you would like the spindle to be round or angular and the cloth colour of green, red or grey. Plus you may choose whether you wish to hide the betting layout during spin for the camera view 1 or show betting layout during a spin.

Throughout the ‘Bet Details’ button on European Roulette online, you may view the various pays awarded, minimum and maximum stake for each type of bet. On a Straight up bet the payout is 35:1 on minimum bet of 0.25 and maximum of 25. Split pays 17 to 1 on 0.25 as min bet and 50 as max bet. Single line and Zero Treble award 11 to 1. Zero Corner and Corner pay 8 to 1 while Double Line gives 5 to 1. Dozen and Column award 2 to 1 and Even Chance pays 1 to 1. La Partage rule applies on this game whereby half the stake is returned on all ‘Even Chance’ bets (Red/Black, 1-18/19-36 and Odd/Even) when the outcome is zero

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