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Saucy Bingo Features

Club Cash
Maximize your wins with our Club Clash games. Simply pick your favourite room (that’s an eligible Club Cash game) and join the fun. If a player in your room wins the full house, then every player will pocket a prize at the end of the game! So, keep a look out for Club Clash games in the schedule for your chance to score extra cash prizes for you and your fellow roomies.

1 and 2 To Go
Only got 1 or 2 to go for a full house? Then you’ll bag a share of the 1 and 2 To Go prize pot! Check out the different icons to see what the pot’s paying out for: 1 to go, 2 to go or both. Depending on the game, each prize pot will be paid per ticket or per player. To play a game with this thrilling feature, look out for the 1 and 2 To Go symbol in the bingo lobby.

Roll On Bingo
As the games roll on, more winners roll out…and that’s how we like it! This bingo prize bonanza feature means you could bag anything from 1 to 20 extra prizes. Sounds good right? Then look for the Roll On logo in our bingo lobby to join one of the linked games.

Win Win Bingo
Everyone loves a win/win and now you can enjoy this wonderful winning feeling with your fellow roomies. These bingo games have a cheeky sharepot for all the players in the room, so even if you don’t get a line or full house… you can still be a winner! Find the Win Win games by spotting the trophy symbol in the lobby, and then buy 6 or more tickets to qualify for the shared pot.

The Winning Wheel: Lucky Pants Exclusive
We didn’t name this the Winning Wheel for nothing! When a game of bingo has ended, you’ll be led straight to this feature game if you’ve bought at least 6 tickets. The wheel will spin to stop on one of the five segments, each segment will have a different prize. The prize will then be shared amongst all eligible players in the room.

No Win Free tickets
Missed out on a main game prize? Tickets to your next game is on us! Just buy the minimum required tickets as shown in the in-game notifications to qualify for this feature.

Physical Prizes
We don’t only have cash prizes up for grabs, we’ve also got amazing physical prizes for you to win! You could be the lucky winner of holiday vouchers, tickets to fabulous bingo events or the latest tech – you name it, the possibilities are endless.

Add a little oomph to your cash prizes with these mega multipliers! To unlock this feature when buying your tickets, you need to upgrade to Superbooks for the chance to multiply your winnings.

Last Chance Saloon
Spot the boot symbol in the bingo lobby to enter the Last Chance Saloon for a chance to catch your second wind of wins. All non-winners, who have bought at least 6 tickets, can join this free bootilicious bonus game once the balls have been called.

Rank Cares
Pay it forward in our charity bingo games as 100% of the profits are donated to Carers Trust. Find these awesome games dotted about the schedule every Sunday from 8.30am to 11pm in Two Little Ducks, the Main Event, Penny Lane, Rollercoaster and Lucky for Some.

Mega Linked Games
Multiple rooms are linked up so that there are bigger prizes for you to win! These games will usually be on the hour or the half hour, so if you’ve missed a game there will be another one to join shortly after. Ready to luck out and cash in? Then look out for the Linked Games symbol in the bingo lobby.

Lucky Stars: Lucky Pants Exclusive
You can thank your Lucky Stars for an added £250 jackpot! If you’ve bought 6 or more tickets for any of the selected games, you’ll get a starred number on your ticket. Then if you’re a full house winner, all you need to do is claim House on your starred number to receive a share of the jackpot! Head to the bingo lobby and find the Lucky Stars Jackpot Games by looking for the Star symbol.

Free tickets
Want free tickets? We’ve got some for you! When moving from bingo room to bingo room, make sure to find the Free Tickets symbol. Access the marked room of your choice, then scroll down until you see the Free Tickets box, click on it and select the number of free tickets you want to play in that game. Easy!

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