The Big 50,000 Free Spins Bonanza!

50K Spins Giveaway!

Yes, we’re giving away 50,000 Free Spins over the course of five weeks – take part in each week’s special Daily Play Promos to earn yourself some spins!

Here’s what you can win:
• Week 1 (30th Aug-5th Sept): a share of 10,000 Red tiger spins
• Week 2 (6th-12th Sept): a share of 10,000 Blueprint spins
• Week 3 (13th-19th Sept): a share of 10,000 Netent spins
• Week 4 (20th-26th Sept): a share of 10,000 Playzido spins
• Week 5 (27th Sept-3rd Oct): a share of 10,000 Red Tiger spins

To guarantee a share of the spins bounty, remember to enter each week’s promo by opting in & playing on at least three days – but the more days you play, the more spins you’ll get!

We’ll then tally up your daily entries each week and credit you with your share of spins on the following Monday – you could grab up to 100 spins each week!

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Don’t miss out – play today!

Terms and conditions

  • The 50k Spins promotion runs from Monday 30th August to Sunday 3rd October 2021 and will be shared amongst participating websites of Mecca Games and Kitty Bingo.
  • Players will need to opt in weekly in the different bet and get offers which will be advertised on the site.
  • Daily Offers will run on the following days
  • Week 1: 30th Aug - 5th sept
  • Week 2: 6th - 12th sept
  • Week 3: 13th - 19th sept
  • Week 4: 20th - 26th sept
  • Week 5: 27th sept - 03rd Oct
  • In order to qualify for the share of the 50k Free spins, players will need to opt in 3 times out of 7, wager on the selected advertised games and qualify to get their free spins.
  • To successfully qualify participate in atleast 3 daily offers per week to earn your entry to the 50,000 spins giveaway which will be spread over 5 weeks.
  • Each week we will giveaway a share of 10,000 spins which will be credited every Monday (for the previous week) The spins will be shared across the 3 brands (Mecca Games, Kitty Bingo and Lucky Pants Bingo) 
  • Week 1: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 6th September
  • Week 2: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 13th September
  • Week 3: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 14th September
  • Week 4: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 27th September
  • Week 5: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 4th October
  • Those who simply opt in and do not wager to grab their free spins will not be eligible for the share of the 10k spins.
  • Qualification will include opt in atleast 3 times, wagered atleast 3 times and obtaining their free spins atleast 3 times during the promotional period to enter the 50k Bonanza.
  •  The 50k win a share will be split in 5 weeks which represent a share of 10,000 free spins per week.
  •  Winners will be credited and notified once the draw is done on below dates:
  •  Week 1: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 6th September
  •  Week 2: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 13th September
  •  Week 3: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 14th September
  •  Week 4: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 27th September
  •  Week 5: 10,000 spins giveaway - Monday 4th October
  •  Each week player will be awarded their share as follows:
  •  Week 1: Red tiger 10p spins
  •  Week 2: blueprint 10p spins
  •  Week 3: Netent 10p spins
  •  Week 4: Playzido 10p Spins
  •  Week 5: Red tiger 10p Spins
  • Only real funds will count towards the 50k Spins promotion.
  • Free Spin value is worth 0.10p per spins.
  • Free Spins is valid for 7 day after claim date.
  • The Free spins offer can only be redeemed once only per week. The free spins is not cumulative meaning if the free spins was not redeemed for the 1st week this will not be added for the second week.
  • Free spins carries 25x wagering requirement from which 10x will be converted to real upon successful completion of the wagering requirement.
  • Max win from free spins is £10.
  • Maximum spins that can be won in the Share of 10K Spins Giveaway is 100 Free spins and minimum is 5.
  •  Share of 10K Spins Giveaway will be playable on specific slot(s) and credited on following Monday following promotion run. Refer to term 11 for crediting dates.
  • Any attempts to manipulate or abuse this or any other promotion will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate exclusion from this and future promotions.
  • Any accounts that are identified to be linked to an account already claiming this promotion will not be eligible and any prizes credited to both accounts will be withdrawn.
  • We reserve the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, this promotion with or without prior notice due to reasons outside our control.
  • Only players with Active accounts are eligible for promotional offers and prizes. If a player’s account is Suspended or Closed during the promo period, for any reason, their promo entry will be forfeited.
  • As always, we’re here to remind you to keep it fun. Find out more about safer gambling here.
  • Real funds (deposit or winnings generated from playing with real funds) used first on player’s account. Once no real money remains, bonus will become playable and wagering requirements will need to be met before withdrawing.
  • Players are able to place bets consisting of real and bonus money. Wins from such a bet are paid out proportionally in real and bonus money.
  • Management decision is final.
  • All of the standard site terms and conditions apply.
  • General Promotional Terms and Conditions apply. For full details please read here.