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    Grandadwin won the Progressive Grease Pink Ladies Jackpot of £63,885.91!

    Thank you so much lucky pants for my win it has really changed my life I will be able to buy a new car, go on holiday, and set my own business up. I cant thank you enough it is amazing, and thank you to all who work at lucky pants for been very nice people, couldn’t ask for a better team


    Pink Ladies Rydell High Progressive Jackpot of £78,323.90!

    I am so pleased with my win, this has changed my life it’s amazing, best site ever. Thank you lucky pants!


    TracyPPP won the T-Birds Progressive Jackpot of £111,371.22!


    I’m so over the moon with the win. I am so happy, what a great way to start the summer!


    Cjnohope won £1165.60 on White Wizard slot – 15 Sept 2015

    It’s simply great!!!


    Sunluver won £1188.00 on Fluffy Favourites game – 9 Sept 2015

    I am really really happy that I won and this came at the right time, I am so thrilled


    Oxfordguy30 won £209.20 on Pixies of the Forest – 9 Sept 2015

    Thank you so much and the prize I got as well I did win a bit more then this. I used some off my winnings as booked the hotel for 4 night’s and bus sits in Oct as going to Manchester for my Birthday and Blackpool for the day. Rest off the winnings are for new clothes and spending money. Thank you so much luckypants and as I keep saying best bingo site on line.


    k18m won £627 on Mystery Joker slot – 9 Sept 2015

    I’m happy and had a good game


    nutcasetom won £1,013.10 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 1 Sept 2015

    I couldn’t believe it!


    Honey75 won £2,000 on Bullseye slot – 31 Aug 2015



    Sukhmeet revealed £100 cash playing Pandora’s Mystery Box prebuy bingo game – 15 Sept 2015

    Really happy to get a good news and can’t wait to receive my gift


    dwarfy74 won £806.40 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 31 Aug 2015

    Excited and being lucky with the games!


    lollipop85 won £506.00 on Fluffy Favourites game – 27 Aug 2015

    The win has come at a perfect time due to Christmas rapidly approaching.


    Linzimum won £1000.00 on Bullseye – 25 Aug 2015

    Great, it’s brilliant and made my day


    murray1953 won £2015.80 on Tutankhamun game – 24 Aug 2015

    Shocked and I could not believe my eyes!


    Angelas_girls won £687.00 on the Colour of Money slot – 20 Aug 2015

    Thanks Lucky Pants!


    lena8 won £500 on Double Bubble slot – 18 Aug 2015

    I am over the moon with the win as I’m moving house so it helps massively. Thank you.


    Isabelle won £763.18 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 17 Aug 2015

    This is just an email to say how excited I was about my win… I would like to say how pleased I am with the site I think it is the best Bingo and slots site going. I have been extremely lucky lately on Fluffy Favourite slots and can’t tell you the difference my winnings have made. Just a big thank you to a great site.


    be2thecool won £503. 50 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 11 Aug 2015

    Thank you very much I was absolutely ecstatic. Big fan of lucky pants bingo :)


    Luckykoi won an iPad with Tablet Frenzy promo! 10 Aug 2015

    Hi there, thank you very much for such a great news. I am ecstatic about this win as I have never won anything this big. I cannot wait to start using and playing at my favourite site in my new ipad. Thank you Luckypantsbingo xx


    georgie1 won £981.00 on Thunderstruck II – 10 Aug 2015

    Absolutely delighted, nice to get something back and a great enjoyment


    Egroeg won £1,200 on Keno for mobile – 7 Aug 2015

    In total I actually won £1,200 so I am very very happy , your site might not be the most well known but it’s my favourite with lots of games and lots of choice…So once again thank you , we are off to Paultons park for the weekend and I couldn’t of done it without my win x


    ACES4TEL4TEL won £600 on Bullseye slot – 6 Aug 2015

    Superb site, the best site to play in terms of payout compared to other bingo site and user friendly…very happy with the winnings


    Leanne367 won £538.00 on Royal Masquerade game – 6 Aug 2015

    Very happy with my winnings!


    kellymammy27 won £663.90 on Lady Luck Deluxe – 6 Aug 2015

    I am over the moon and I was just shocked how much I won since I could not believe that was real.


    Meatlastxx won the Lucky Number Progressive Jackpot of £678.35 on 90 Ball Bingo – 6 Aug 2015

    I picked my 4 lucky numbers, which is so easy to do, I was in newbie room when I glanced at my balance, I was so excited to see my balance, thank you so much.


    HONEY75 won £500.00 on Bullseye slot – 6 Aug 2015

    Hey lucky pants thx for your email, I have posted to your Facebook wall my lucky win of two grand to your wall… Look forward to receiving your cheque! Xxx


    bsb2012 won £1,000 on Grease: Danny & Sandy – 5 Aug 2015

    Brilliant and absolutely amazing


    ithastobeme won £3,031.20 on Jazz Cat Progressive slot – 4 Aug 2015

    I was delighted and surprised to have won that amount on Jazz Cats slot and thoroughly enjoy your site… this is the first big win I have had and I was surprised and delighted when the £3031.20 win on Jazz Cat came up, couldn’t quite believe it, had to look a few times. It was a great win and I look forward to treating both my son and Hubby with the winnings.


    Isabelle won £501.00 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 3 Aug 2015

    I just love Fluffy Favourites. I have been very very lucky on that game and I like playing it.


    gazyd12 won £633.66 on Vegas Hits slot – 3 Aug 2015

    Brilliant, very pleased and excellent to win something


    Cooperschic won £561.00 on Cleopatra slot – 19 Jul 2015

    I’m delighted and would like to play again!


    artywriter67 won the Goodie Bag Progressive jackpot of £50 – 18 Jul 2015

    I was pleasantly surprised (as well as lucky) because I actually won on bingo! I do visit several sites from time to time and usually – now – just play slots because I very rarely win on bingo and have better luck with those. It may have been a fluke, only time will tell, but I shall certainly be back and will play both to see what happens.


    Ladylea123 won £770 on Merry Xmas slot – 17 Jul 2015

    I was very happy when I won, I just couldn’t believe I won some money. My kids can have a birthday party now xx


    angelas_girls won on £687 of Colour of Money slot – 14 Jul 2015

    I like the site very much, very happy about being a winner!


    Oxfordguy30 won an icecream maker on the Lucky Pants Facebook page – 14 Jul 2015

    I am still shocked to find out I won the Ice Cream Maker on Lucky Pants Bingo. Quite a big prize and would love to send pictures with the gift, thank you.


    millie2209 won £538.20 on Fluffy Favourites game – 14 Jul 2015

    I like to play fluffy favourites and am very excited about my win!


    Trickydicky won £800 Go Wild On Safari slot – 10 Jul 2015

    Very big surprise, speechless, not use to winning and will carry on playing on a few different games, thanks


    blondie3598 won £2289.50 on Cleopatra slot – 8 Jul 2015

    Very excited, brilliant time and did not expect to win!


    Termite1 won £50 cash on the Lucky Pants Bingo Facebook page – 2 Jul 2015

    Wow they really are lucky pants – thank you so much. I love the site and am thrilled to be the winner. Thank you again x


    moodyelf6 played her last 50p… and won £140 with Daily Sliding Bingo Jackpots! 20 May 2015

    Thanks so much for my birthday bonus Played my last 50p last night thinking that was that. Looked at my screen a few minutes later and saw I’d got full house on a “win up to £200″ game. So happy, thank you


    Sue57 won an iPad in our April raffle – 30 April 2015

    What a lovely surprise and thank you


    jess23xx won £50 ASDA Vouchers with the Goodie Bag Bingo Progressive – 22 Apr 2015

    Thanks for my shopping vouchers, so happy! They came quicker than i thought xx


    xxbrickyxx won a bottle of bubbly on THIRSTday – 19 Apr 2015

    I would just like to say that I will raise my Glass to you all Lucky Pants Bingo when sipping my Prosecco, whilst playing my games


    booboobluebells won a personlised gift in Betty Balls’ raffle – 24 Mar 2015

    Thank you for my mug that i recived todey it so nice thank yu for making 2 briliant sites and having so many lovely chathosts i love the atomosphere on here it alweys a fun time wen im on the site ty hope u all have a gret weekend and amazing easter wen it arives take care everyone and god bless all the best


    WHITEWOLFY won a tablet in our free prize draw! 4 Mar 2015

    Omg that is great news!! I have never won a prize before! Thanks so much, i’m over the moon with winning the tablet. Love playing bingo at Lucky Pants!!


    Listyboro won £300 on 90 Ball Bingo – 19 Jan 2015

    Whoop! Luke Pants and Betty Balls know the score!


    Adorableandrea won a Chimp tablet! 19 Jan 2015

    I’m very pleased that I won… what a nice suprise!


    Dragitsa won £82 on 90 Ball Bingo – 16 Dec 2014

    Thanks Lucky Pants for my fab win, hope to have plenty more! xx


    Booboobluebells is a Christmas chat game winner! 11 Dec 2014

    Thankyou very much lovely Betty Balls for my prizes, the nail polish is brilliant I put it on today, the xmas socks are lovely, the luckypants knickers are nice too and the multilights are amazing!


    Rosiemac won a pair of limited edition Lucky Pants! 24 Nov 2014

    Just to say my pants arrived today, thank you so much really excited, will wear to play never know lucky pants for big win lol


  • Special Winners

    Borodawn recently had a big win on £5K Cash Flash – and used the money for a holiday! WTG hun, thanks for sharing your fab fun-in-the-sun pics with us!

    "Well I'd like to share this with everyone... i won on full house on lucky pants a few months bk - £2000 pounds! So glad i booked a holiday to go to Llorett de Mar it was a lovely place thanks to luckypants - my last holiday was 24 years ago! x"