• Special Winners

    Hi Lucky Pants Bingo,

    Remember me aly2? I won the top prize of £2,500 holiday vouchers about 3 years ago playing "Lucky Escapes" 75 Ball Bingo. I couldn't use them at the time because husband had a job working away, but i wanted to use them for our 40th wedding anniversary. Well, 2 and a half years down the line we celebrated our anniversary late lol!

    I couldn't decide whether to go on a cruise or to go to St Lucia, but St Lucia won :) We stayed at Rodney Beach resort, Garden Inn hotel, it was absolutely beautiful, the scenery was stunning - the pictures do not do them justice! We didn't have the weather as such we had three days sun, the rest was cloudy/rain but the rain was warm when cloudy still warm, so we walked and read books on those days and had a fabulous time.

    The cocktail glass was a frozen hot chocolate pudding made with vodka that was to die for literally best thing i have ever tasted in my life. The picture with the wing from the plane is actually Barbados the plane had to re fuel so we had to spend time in the airport, so sort of a double base holiday loll. The rest are in St Lucia.

    We came home a week ago, the picture of the dining room was for Valentines night, Hotel went to town everyone had to wear red or black, was superb. We have had a fabulous time and its all down to you, so a very big THANK YOU from me and my husband Les - we cannot wait to go back again.

    Incidentally I still have some vouchers left so have decided at end of the year I am going to put them to good use, hopefuly to go to Aruba, if not i will take my daughter to New York. Hopefully can do both, we are both retired now and soon downsizing, so we should be able to do what we want later on.

    Make hay while the sun shines as they say, life is too short!

    Once again thank you so much for the vouchers, if you get the chance to go I recommend St Lucia!

    Aly2 xxxxxxx

    Borodawn recently had a big win on £5K Cash Flash – and used the money for a holiday! WTG hun, thanks for sharing your fab fun-in-the-sun pics with us!

    "Well I'd like to share this with everyone... i won on full house on lucky pants a few months bk - £2000 pounds! So glad i booked a holiday to go to Llorett de Mar it was a lovely place thanks to luckypants - my last holiday was 24 years ago! x"

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  • Winner Stories

    Kavik won a £5,000 holiday on the The Lost Slot Of Riches progressive! 13 June 2016

    I went to play the Lost Slot of Riches Minigame Progressive while I was playing on 90 ball bingo. I placed 50p for some spins and I was shocked to see that I won £5K… I thought I was dreaming and cannot believe that I won!


    maudio won a massive £10,800 on European Roulette – 25 May 2016

    “Feels great!”


    curlywirly won £813.60 on new Fluffy Too slot! 25 May 2016

    “Brilliant, very happy!”


    Donnam348 grabbed a rocketing win £750.00 on Fireworks slot! 2 May 2016

    “I very glad to be lucky!”


    meltonhaze won £5,000 on a ‘Scratch 4 Diamonds’ scratchcard – 26 Apr 2016

    Can’t believe I won £5,000, I have won a little here and there on the site but never been this lucky ever… I was so shocked I logged on to look at my account a few times because I couldn’t believe I had won….but it’s there, it’s true and I can’t wait to treat my children :) Can’t thank you enough and can’t stop grinning :)


    kayla2212 won £6131.00 on Lucky Pants Bingo slot! 5 April 2016

    “I am still in shock, I still cannot believe as I never won this kind of money in my life”


    jonnyboyowen won £1,944.00 on Twin Spin slot – 31 Mar 2016

    I’m very happy!”


    smellybella won £5,020 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 25 Mar 2016

    Wonderful, brilliant, never won this amount before.”


    hottowin1965 won £1,200 on Grease: Danny & Sandy slot – 16 Mar 2016

    I’m very happy and full of joy, I love it, Lucky Pants Bingo is one of my favourite sites


    kayla2212 won £6,131 on Lucky Pants Bingo slot – 14 Mar 2016

    I am still in shock, I still cannot believe as I never won this kind of money in my life


    Candle won a Spa Day for Two on Mother’s Day! 8 Mar 2016

    That’s fantastic, I’m so delighted and simply over the moon.


    Kavik won £649.02 on The Lost Slot of Riches Progressive – 3 Mar 2016

    A brilliant win!


    Donnam348 won £5,000 on Fireworks slot – 15 Feb 2016

    Buzzing we’re off to Benidorm, can’t wait, thank u so much xx


    jessy321 won £800 on Rainbow Riches – 11 Feb 2016

    I felt great looking at the winnings!


    saty won £500 on Keno for mobile – 11 Feb 2016

    I’m ecstatic!


    Mastervan £1361.25 won Super MONOPOLY Money – 11 Feb 2016

    Very happy and lucky!


    salaman05 won £750 on Bubble Time game – 11 Feb 2015

    I’ve got so many things planned for the money!


    Aces4tel4tel won £500 on Bullseye slot for mobile – 19 Jan 2016

    It was a lovely surprise


    Tambacto won £1,000 on Da Vinci Diamonds slot – 8 Jan 2016

    Very happy and excited about the winnings


    sandrak50 won £525 on 5xMagic game – 8 Jan 2016

    Very good… nice to get something back


    funboy3 won £726.40 on White Wizard slot – 8 Jan 2016

    Very pleased about the winnings, it came out at the right time


    Louloubotbot won £1,000 on Snapshot! 21 Dec 2015

    It feels so good!


    kit48 won £16,221 on Tutankhamun slot – 7 Dec 2015

    I was absolutely gob smacked, couldn’t believe my luck!!


    caazzaa1234 won £8238.50 on Tutankhamun from her mobile! 1 Dec 2015

    Can’t believe it, it was amazing & very happy about the winnings


    Georgie1 won £500 playing Money Vault game – 26 Nov 2015

    Feels absolutely great!”


    Isabelle won £816.40 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 24 Nov 2015

    Very happy… got very lucky!


    Kannemummy won £500 on Diamonds and Rubies for mobile – 17 Nov 2015

    Very happy for the winnings – Diamonds and Rubies is my favourite game!”


    Redberry won £1768.00 on Royal Masquerade slot – 13 Nov 2015

    Very very very lucky and love the game


    itseybitsey1 won £1020.18 on Tutankhamun slot – 5 Nov 2015

    I am very happy and I cannot believe that I won again in such a short space of time


    Pink Ladies Rydell High Progressive Jackpot of £78,323.90!

    I am so pleased with my win, this has changed my life it’s amazing, best site ever. Thank you lucky pants!


    TracyPPP won the T-Birds Progressive Jackpot of £111,371.22!


    I’m so over the moon with the win. I am so happy, what a great way to start the summer!


    Alyneedsawin won £1008.00 on Money Bunny mini game – 3 Nov 2015

    I was absolutely amazed and overjoy that I won


    andyd5 won £525 on brand new slot Eye of the Kraken! 3 Nov 2015

    It feels great to win!


    itseybitsey1 won £600 on It Came From The Moon for mobile 3 Nov 2015

    I’m very happy about the winnings and it’s a very nice surprise


    Cjnohope won £1165.60 on White Wizard slot – 15 Sept 2015

    It’s simply great!!!


    Sunluver won £1188.00 on Fluffy Favourites game – 9 Sept 2015

    I am really really happy that I won and this came at the right time, I am so thrilled


    Oxfordguy30 won £209.20 on Pixies of the Forest – 9 Sept 2015

    Thank you so much and the prize I got as well I did win a bit more then this. I used some off my winnings as booked the hotel for 4 night’s and bus sits in Oct as going to Manchester for my Birthday and Blackpool for the day. Rest off the winnings are for new clothes and spending money. Thank you so much luckypants and as I keep saying best bingo site on line.


    k18m won £627 on Mystery Joker slot – 9 Sept 2015

    I’m happy and had a good game


    nutcasetom won £1,013.10 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 1 Sept 2015

    I couldn’t believe it!


    Honey75 won £2,000 on Bullseye slot – 31 Aug 2015



    Sukhmeet revealed £100 cash playing Pandora’s Mystery Box prebuy bingo game – 15 Sept 2015

    Really happy to get a good news and can’t wait to receive my gift


    dwarfy74 won £806.40 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 31 Aug 2015

    Excited and being lucky with the games!


    lollipop85 won £506.00 on Fluffy Favourites game – 27 Aug 2015

    The win has come at a perfect time due to Christmas rapidly approaching.


    Linzimum won £1000.00 on Bullseye – 25 Aug 2015

    Great, it’s brilliant and made my day


    murray1953 won £2015.80 on Tutankhamun game – 24 Aug 2015

    Shocked and I could not believe my eyes!


    Angelas_girls won £687.00 on the Colour of Money slot – 20 Aug 2015

    Thanks Lucky Pants!


    lena8 won £500 on Double Bubble slot – 18 Aug 2015

    I am over the moon with the win as I’m moving house so it helps massively. Thank you.


    Isabelle won £763.18 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 17 Aug 2015

    This is just an email to say how excited I was about my win… I would like to say how pleased I am with the site I think it is the best Bingo and slots site going. I have been extremely lucky lately on Fluffy Favourite slots and can’t tell you the difference my winnings have made. Just a big thank you to a great site.


    be2thecool won £503. 50 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 11 Aug 2015

    Thank you very much I was absolutely ecstatic. Big fan of lucky pants bingo :)


    Luckykoi won an iPad with Tablet Frenzy promo! 10 Aug 2015

    Hi there, thank you very much for such a great news. I am ecstatic about this win as I have never won anything this big. I cannot wait to start using and playing at my favourite site in my new ipad. Thank you Luckypantsbingo xx


    georgie1 won £981.00 on Thunderstruck II – 10 Aug 2015

    Absolutely delighted, nice to get something back and a great enjoyment


    Egroeg won £1,200 on Keno for mobile – 7 Aug 2015

    In total I actually won £1,200 so I am very very happy , your site might not be the most well known but it’s my favourite with lots of games and lots of choice…So once again thank you , we are off to Paultons park for the weekend and I couldn’t of done it without my win x


    ACES4TEL4TEL won £600 on Bullseye slot – 6 Aug 2015

    Superb site, the best site to play in terms of payout compared to other bingo site and user friendly…very happy with the winnings


    Leanne367 won £538.00 on Royal Masquerade game – 6 Aug 2015

    Very happy with my winnings!


    kellymammy27 won £663.90 on Lady Luck Deluxe – 6 Aug 2015

    I am over the moon and I was just shocked how much I won since I could not believe that was real.


    Meatlastxx won the Lucky Number Progressive Jackpot of £678.35 on 90 Ball Bingo – 6 Aug 2015

    I picked my 4 lucky numbers, which is so easy to do, I was in newbie room when I glanced at my balance, I was so excited to see my balance, thank you so much.


    HONEY75 won £500.00 on Bullseye slot – 6 Aug 2015

    Hey lucky pants thx for your email, I have posted to your Facebook wall my lucky win of two grand to your wall… Look forward to receiving your cheque! Xxx


    bsb2012 won £1,000 on Grease: Danny & Sandy – 5 Aug 2015

    Brilliant and absolutely amazing


    ithastobeme won £3,031.20 on Jazz Cat Progressive slot – 4 Aug 2015

    I was delighted and surprised to have won that amount on Jazz Cats slot and thoroughly enjoy your site… this is the first big win I have had and I was surprised and delighted when the £3031.20 win on Jazz Cat came up, couldn’t quite believe it, had to look a few times. It was a great win and I look forward to treating both my son and Hubby with the winnings.


    Isabelle won £501.00 on Fluffy Favourites slot – 3 Aug 2015

    I just love Fluffy Favourites. I have been very very lucky on that game and I like playing it.


    gazyd12 won £633.66 on Vegas Hits slot – 3 Aug 2015

    Brilliant, very pleased and excellent to win something


    Cooperschic won £561.00 on Cleopatra slot – 19 Jul 2015

    I’m delighted and would like to play again!


    artywriter67 won the Goodie Bag Progressive jackpot of £50 – 18 Jul 2015

    I was pleasantly surprised (as well as lucky) because I actually won on bingo! I do visit several sites from time to time and usually – now – just play slots because I very rarely win on bingo and have better luck with those. It may have been a fluke, only time will tell, but I shall certainly be back and will play both to see what happens.


    Ladylea123 won £770 on Merry Xmas slot – 17 Jul 2015

    I was very happy when I won, I just couldn’t believe I won some money. My kids can have a birthday party now xx


    angelas_girls won on £687 of Colour of Money slot – 14 Jul 2015

    I like the site very much, very happy about being a winner!


    Oxfordguy30 won an icecream maker on the Lucky Pants Facebook page – 14 Jul 2015

    I am still shocked to find out I won the Ice Cream Maker on Lucky Pants Bingo. Quite a big prize and would love to send pictures with the gift, thank you.


    millie2209 won £538.20 on Fluffy Favourites game – 14 Jul 2015

    I like to play fluffy favourites and am very excited about my win!


    Trickydicky won £800 Go Wild On Safari slot – 10 Jul 2015

    Very big surprise, speechless, not use to winning and will carry on playing on a few different games, thanks


    blondie3598 won £2289.50 on Cleopatra slot – 8 Jul 2015

    Very excited, brilliant time and did not expect to win!


    Termite1 won £50 cash on the Lucky Pants Bingo Facebook page – 2 Jul 2015

    Wow they really are lucky pants – thank you so much. I love the site and am thrilled to be the winner. Thank you again x


    moodyelf6 played her last 50p… and won £140 with Daily Sliding Bingo Jackpots! 20 May 2015

    Thanks so much for my birthday bonus Played my last 50p last night thinking that was that. Looked at my screen a few minutes later and saw I’d got full house on a “win up to £200″ game. So happy, thank you


    Sue57 won an iPad in our April raffle – 30 April 2015

    What a lovely surprise and thank you


    jess23xx won £50 ASDA Vouchers with the Goodie Bag Bingo Progressive – 22 Apr 2015

    Thanks for my shopping vouchers, so happy! They came quicker than i thought xx


    xxbrickyxx won a bottle of bubbly on THIRSTday – 19 Apr 2015

    I would just like to say that I will raise my Glass to you all Lucky Pants Bingo when sipping my Prosecco, whilst playing my games


    booboobluebells won a personlised gift in Betty Balls’ raffle – 24 Mar 2015

    Thank you for my mug that i recived todey it so nice thank yu for making 2 briliant sites and having so many lovely chathosts i love the atomosphere on here it alweys a fun time wen im on the site ty hope u all have a gret weekend and amazing easter wen it arives take care everyone and god bless all the best


    WHITEWOLFY won a tablet in our free prize draw! 4 Mar 2015

    Omg that is great news!! I have never won a prize before! Thanks so much, i’m over the moon with winning the tablet. Love playing bingo at Lucky Pants!!


    Listyboro won £300 on 90 Ball Bingo – 19 Jan 2015

    Whoop! Luke Pants and Betty Balls know the score!


    Adorableandrea won a Chimp tablet! 19 Jan 2015

    I’m very pleased that I won… what a nice suprise!


    Dragitsa won £82 on 90 Ball Bingo – 16 Dec 2014

    Thanks Lucky Pants for my fab win, hope to have plenty more! xx


    Booboobluebells is a Christmas chat game winner! 11 Dec 2014

    Thankyou very much lovely Betty Balls for my prizes, the nail polish is brilliant I put it on today, the xmas socks are lovely, the luckypants knickers are nice too and the multilights are amazing!


    Rosiemac won a pair of limited edition Lucky Pants! 24 Nov 2014

    Just to say my pants arrived today, thank you so much really excited, will wear to play never know lucky pants for big win lol


    Ohimsolucky won a lucky charm necklace in our chat games – 10 Nov 2014

    I won it ty soo much! xx


    Bethisla won £1,596 on Fluffy Favourites Minigame – 4 Nov 2014

    I’m excited to win, surprised!


    Jandon won £16,000 on Pixies of the Forest slot! 3 Nov 2014

    wow I definetely had my lucky pants on, won 16k, on pixies of the forest, came at a time when I really needed a big win. Love you lucky pants!


    shirley10 won a lucky charm necklace in the chat rooms! 1 Nov 2014

    Thank you Lucky pants for my beautifull four leave clover necklace, its stunning and i wear it everyday


    LuckyBetty won cinema tickets playing Jurassic Park™ slot – 16 Oct 2014

    Thanks for the Odeon gift card LPB – off to see Fury tonight with the hubby and daughter x


    Oxfordguy30 won £140 on Pixies of the Forest – 2 Oct 2014

    wow omg thanks again for my win on pixies of the forest yet again as been doing well on that slot and love it.My 3th withdraw this week and told you it them lucky bingo tights pmsl.Thank you so much luckypants and as I keep saying is the best site online


    maryten won a prize on Facebook… that brought her luck for a Grease slots win! 14 Sept 2014

    Hi lucky, just wanted to say a big thank you for my picture frame. I love it. And guess what I think it bought me luck last night because I won £387 pounds on grease slots! Smiley face xxx


    Misskiki won the NEW Goodie Bag Progressive Jackpot…£100 Shopping Vouchers! 4 Sept 2014

    Whooo… whoo thank you for the love to shop vouchers that arrived today – I will enjoy spending them xxx


    skippy59 won £5,040 on NEW Sassy Bingo slot – 14 Aug 2014

    I am over the moon with my win. It could not have come at a better time. I love Lucky Pants Bingo, there are so many different games to play as well as Bingo. I will keep playing and hope other people have good luck playing the games.


    shirley10 won a digital camera on Slot of the Week: Photo Safari – 12 Aug 2014

    I am over the moon with this as i dont get much luck unfortunately on bingo or slots so this have come has a very big surprise to me and I would like to thank you very very much for the prize ,,,cant wait to see it now ,,,once again thank you all from the bottom of my heart im really chuffed xxxxx


    Jandon got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet via Lucky Club – 30 Jul 2014

    Thank you to everyone at lucky pants bingo, I love playing on the site, especially the grease slots, love it, love it, love it.
    It’s great to see loyalty looked after in such a great way. Can’t wait for the weekend to come again so I can have a spin on my favourite game, hopefully win one of the progressive jackpots, lol


    sallyg won £100 on 90 Ball Bingo – 14 Jul 2014

    Thank you for my win Lucky Pants!


    oxfordguy30 won on brand new slot Jewel Of The Dragon! 11 Jul 2014

    OMG I love your new slot luckypants and ty so so much for my wins yet again.Is them luckypants I had in the post and is working.I had a few 5 of a kind on jewel of the dragon and two lots of 8 free spins on a bonus and a few wilds and pixies of the forest and had two 9 free spins on bonus as well.I will get new clothes with that.Thanks so so much luckypants.oxfordguy30 ♥ ♥


    Hazbo20 won £300 on Cleopatra II – 4 July 2014

    I’m so excited to have won, I don’t really ever win anything, a big treat for the kids is coming up thank you so much x


    Yabbi1 won £2,000 on the Lost Slot of Riches – 1 July 2014

    It was a shock to win! I will use the money to pay for my new kitchen, thanks!


    angelas_girls won £700 on Energoonz – 1 Jun 2014

    Thank you very much for my winning I just love the site, I tell my friends that ask me all about your site. it gives a great feeling when you are winning. once again thank you very much lucky pants. I must really have some lucky pants lol


    Unbeat3n won £10,000 on Energoonz slot! 30 May 2014

    I couldn’t believe I could be so lucky, I won on one spin! I’m spending most of the money on DIY for the house and a few treats for myself! Amazing, thanks Lucky Pants!


    Clelland11 won £400 playing slots on Lucky! 14 May 2014

    I couldn’t believe my luck. To win any amount is always fun, but to win big is amazing. I’ve already spent my winnings on a holiday to Rome. Thank you Lucky Pants Bingo!


    Rachyd83 won £1,400 playing Aztec Idols! 11 May 2014

    Thank you so much Luckypantsbingo!! The best bingo site I have been on, my kids have been spoilt….thanks again x


    Chalkie21 won £330 on Grease: Danny & Sandy with a wager of 75p!

    I’m saving up for a motorbike so the win came at just the right time. Thank you so much, can’t believe my luck!


    Alybaby won £1,800 on Grease: Danny & Sandy for mobile… on her 1st day! 1 May 2014

    Really happy with my win, thanks!


    Hallylooya won £800 on Jewel Journey – 27 Apr 2014

    I would just like to say a big thank you for my luck iv had on the bingo and slots. Everytime I won I couldn’t believe my luck and kept thinking to myself this surely isn’t happening to me, but it was. I just kept spinning and was getting more and more wins and ended up with £1000 at one point and decided to withdraw. I have just booked a last minute break for me and my partner with my winnings. I am so happy as iv never had this sort of luck on any other sites. Thank you again.


    warrenf won £400 on NEW slot Photo Safari – 21 Apr 2014

    Lady Luck was shining on me at Easter. I had my second BIG win. I have played on other bingo sites, but this one is the best. I am just over the moon. Thanks Lucky Pants.


    Teddybear1 won £450 on Mini Games – 21 Apr 2014

    Am so happy, I never thought I would be lucky enough to win an amount like this, I am thrilled and even more excited to play Lucky Pants Bingo slot games. Thank you so much.


    Dragitsa won $700 on Instant Games – 21 Apr 2014

    Lucky Pants is a fabulous site that i discovered and i find it so easy to win on. I started off with $10 and turned it into $700 in a short time. Lucky Pants is exciting to play and i was certainly very happy with my win. Thankyou!


    lisachloesmum won £18,000 on Jazz Cat! 31 Mar 2014

    It’s all very exciting, the amount just kept going up and up! I’m getting married this year, so I’ll be spending a lot on my wedding!


    A.W won £5,000 on Sugar Train! 18 Mar 2014

    It was fantastic to win! I’m investing some of the money and will be able to pay off my car, thanks very much!


    mwhalley28 won £500 on a Kitty Grabber Scratchcard – 5 Mar 2014

    Thank u lucky pants, I’ll never change my boxers ever again, totally awesome.


    loopylea25 won £420 on her mobile with Grease: Danny & Sandy – 3 Mar 2014

    My win is fantastic! Just at the right time as im saving to move house! Thank you luckypants!


    luckyem won £700 on Mayan Treasures – 26 Feb 2014

    I am still in a bit of shock, I have had wins with Lucky pants before but nothing like this! I couldn’t believe it when the bonus spin came in and the winnings just kept rising and rising ☺
    I am over the moon and it couldn’t have come at a better time as I have to move house shortly and this is going to help so much! Thanks Lucky Pants


    chrisman123 won £600.26 on Instant Games – 26 Feb 2014

    Wow I’m really happy with my Big win on thunderstruck 2 , thanks!


    Lewyy90 won £790 on Grease: Danny & Sandy – 21 Feb 2014

    I only joined the site about a week ago and already have had a few big wins, especially on slots! I love playing the Grease ones and also Cute and Cuddly! Thanks again.


    lillijasmin won £750 on Big Vegas – 13 Feb 2014

    Thank you for my win… it came at a well needed time, it’s going towards decorating my house!! Wayhey!! :-D


    Oxfordguy30 won £90 on Pixies of the Forest – 10 Feb 2014

    Woo hooo I just like to say a big thank you to luckypants for my win again on pixies of the forest as I had 5 of them and had 5 bonus and each one had 11 free spins. Thanks again luckypants and best bingo site on line!


    dink210173 won £300 on Vegas Hits – 7 Feb 2014

    Thank you for my win… it came at a well needed time, it’s going towards decorating my house!! Wayhey!! :-D


    jacks1447 won £2700 on Cleopatra – 5 Feb 2014

    Playing on Luckypantsbingo is so straightforward games are fast to load and the graphics are great. I managed to get a whopping £2,700 from just a £20 deposit playing on Cleopatra. Would so recommend this site to everyone.

    Oh nearly forgot I also banked £1,000 in January so that’s £3,700 in a month, too say I am over the moon is an understatement lol


    Kilty won £100 in ‘Most Pants Present’ competition on Facebook – 27 Jan 2014

    Thank you so much – the money will be going into a holiday pot, there are a few things to do about house and garden as well but hey that can wait tho!


    fluffykins60 won £300 on Instant Games – 13 Jan 2014

    I was over the moon when i won £300 on the site gonna put it away towards a break away many thanx lucky pants xx


    Dusky won £1,520 on Grease: T Birds & Pink Ladies – 13 Jan 2014

    Thank you so much. i didn’t even know it had happened until I saw it in the cash box. I was utterly amazed!


    Glamgran22 won £600 on Instant Games – 11 Jan 2014

    I am thrilled with my £600 win!! This isn’t the first time I have had a big win on Lucky Pants. I won £350 a few weeks ago. Lucky Pants Bingo is definitely lucky for me and I LOVE it. Thank you :-)


    kelly530 won £1,200 on Instant Games – 8 Jan 2014

    Hi, i am overjoyed with my win, it was well deserved ha ha and i am looking forward to many more. Thanks again!


    tillymerton won £700 on Instant Games – 3 Jan 2014

    Thank you lucky pants, I love a good win!!!


    warrenf won £2,000 on Drawers Dropper bingo! 30 Nov 2013

    A BIG BIG Thankyou Lucky Pants. I have never won such a large amount. I glanced across at the television and when i looked back i couldn’t believe my eyes. Christmas arrived earlier this year!


    Ilovemypjs is a double voucher winner! £500 Iceland & £300 Debenhams

    Thanks lucky pants! I’ve already stocked up on food with the Iceland voucher and will use the Debenham’s £500 for Xmas presents!


    oxfordguy30 won a signed & framed Sharon Osbourne piccy in X Factor chat game

    Wow ty so much for the win and what a laugh I had on the phone to lucky pants and am still in shock woop woop… Thanks so much and keep up the good work!


    kannemummy won £300 High Street vouchers – 19th Nov 2013

    Oh wow, thank you so much, what a surprise! It’s come just in time for Christmas


    Deekays won £500 Debenhams vouchers – 18th Nov 2013

    Just to let u know that I received my Debenhams gift card and I have say I am over the moon. My kids are soo thrilled. I will be treating them to beautiful new coats for the winter. Thank you very much Lucky Pants Bingo.


    Oxfordguy30 won on Pixies of the Forest & Free Bingo – 9th Nov 2013

    I’d just like to say thank you for my withdrawal yet again as I had some nice wins on pixies of the forest and I just love that slot. I just love coming on the site as the players are just so nice and all the chat host are fab and we have a good laugh in chat. It’s the best site on line and you got me for life. I love playing in the free bingo rooms as well and I had some wins on that. Well keep up the fab work luckypants and thanks again.


    Bethisla won £1,000 on £5K Cash Flash – 3rd Oct 2013

    I was shocked, I was not even on my computer – when I came home Friday night, just had a gut feeling and went on and I noticed the surprise. For only 12p that i played, i could not believe it at first, I turned the computer off and turned it back on just to make sure. Thank you Lucky Pants Bingo!


    Aly2 won a £2,500 holiday with Lucky Escapes! 23rd Sept 2013

    WOW! I’m Looking forward to receiving the vouchers – they have been spent in so many places in my head already but still think I am going to stick with a holiday of a lifetime to Bali! Thanks so much Lucky Pants!


    eileenth won £500 with £1M MegaJackpots – 31st Aug 2013

    Thank you so much, woo, woo yea its great to have won, I will put it towards a holiday, thanks again xx


    MelTommy won over £10,000 – 10th Aug 2013

    I was over the moon with my win! I love playing at Lucky Pants Bingo, both the bingo and the slots are great, and the chat hosts provide lots of fun in between games. My win made my day. I’ve withdrawn some of my winnings so I can treat myself to something nice, and kept some of the winnings in my account so that I can continue playing your great games. Thank you very much Lucky Pants Bingo!


    kilty won a DVD in the Grease Party Chat Quiz – 10th Aug 2013

    Hi Pants thank you for the Grease DVD. was fun trying to win it
    ty again xxxxx


    psp200 won £2,000 on Instant Games – 3rd Aug 2013

    Feeling very happy with my good luck, nice holiday thanks to lucky pants!


    julzes57 won July Lucky Escapes – TWICE! – for a £3,000 holiday…

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