Football Scratch

Football Scratch

Keeper, Defender, Midfielder, Striker or Star Player? Find out who scored the winning goal. Unveil the goal scorers and see if you have these stars on your team. If you do, interesting prizes will be up for grabs. You can become a champion in your own league! Ready to give it a go?

Football Scratch Game

Hello, Football fans! Have you ever heard about the Football Scratch Game? This great Scratch creation is a cut above the rest and it was developed by the game provider Microgaming. Have a head start on this Scratch and Arcade game found on Lucky Pants Bingo. This entertaining site jumps off the page with its selection of games. Don’t drop the ball by not testing this game. Instead, hit the home run! Put your favourite jersey on and support your football team for a fun gaming experience.

Lucky Pants Bingo is a front-runner and pulls out all the stops to provide the best entertaining games that might strike a chord in each player. These games are not out of your league. Keep your eyes on the ball!

Start off by deciding on your stake amount. That is plain sailing. Head to the Bet Field where you will find a line-up of stake values that range as follows £0.50, £0.60, £0.70, £0.80, £0.90, £1 to £2. After picking your favourite stake, you will find a football player setting foot on the stadium of Football Scratch Game. Keep an ear! The hardcore fans might make the Football arena tremble with the roar of cheers.

On this game, you will find two displays namely Goals and Your Players. What is the aim? Well, try to discover the different players as well as the numbers that are masked in the two distinct panels. In the first panel, you will find out that there are two balls. On the second display, there’s a number of 8 jerseys. Here is what you have to do! Tap on the different jerseys to reveal the player’s number and amount on Football Scratch Game. This look interesting.

Do you know what? On Football Scratch Game, there is the Auto Reveal Option and as its name suggests, it can help you reveal all the panels at once. As soon as all the jerseys have been disclosed, you will receive an astonishing reward only if the jerseys match the information that is on the different balls. Here is a Quiz! According to you, what is the maximum amount that you can score on Football Scratch Game? Drum roll, please! A confounding £25,000. That is jaw-dropping, right?

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