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Smartypants! Ready to rock the weekend with some of the latest news on your favourite dramas? Today’s episodes on Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks are set to be packed with some thrilling and exciting events. Dive right into the hottest titbits but first, let’s congratulate last week’s winners:

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Tonight, on Emmerdale, the fate of Rebecca and Ross will be revealed. Ross is distressed but he still prepares to go by himself. One thing for sure, there will be some emotional goodbyes. Will he really go by himself or will Rebecca leave by his side? In parallel, someone has a crisis of conscience. Guess who might be the one? Somewhere else, Laurel Thomas reveals some secrets to Harriet Finch.

There’s quite a lot happening on Hollyoaks. Liam still has some suspicions on the WAGs. Maxine Minniver is shocked to discover that Glenn Donovan left £20,000 to Minnie. She feels as if she did something wrong. In another place, Ollie has his pastoral care meeting, however, Nancy deliberately sabotages his meeting. But how? She sends an email to Darren Osborne and states that it’s cancelled. Therefore, he doesn’t turn up. Mandy is left alone with Ollie. Later, Mandy confronts Nancy about the email and the latter collapses. Is Nancy faking it? That’s not the end yet! Cleo McQueen comes to an agreement with Farrah. She says to Farrah that she will eat an entire meal in the pub tomorrow only if Farrah takes Grace for a drink.  

On EastEnders, Hayley’s family is desperate to receive some news. Jean Slater runs to the hospital to be by Hayley’s side. Then, a scene pops up! Jean, Kat and Mo are nervous. They are waiting anxiously for some news on whether the baby and Hayley are all good. Are they safe?  In the meantime, Martin gets an opportunity to consider the facts about what happened last night. He gets a reality check from Robbie and Dot for the chaotic night he had at E20.

Another episode, another drama on Coronation Street. Sarah is quite intrigued to see Peter head out for a meeting with a competitor of Underworld – Nigel Steadman. He doesn’t tell the truth to Carla and lies about the meeting. * She swiftly conceals a letter from the bank *

On the other hand, Nigel confirms that he still has the desire to buy Peter’s share of the factory. They are later stopped in their conversation when Carla interrupts them. She was given some secret information by Sarah. What will happen? How will all this situation unfold?

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Who gets a reality check from Robbie and Dot? *

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