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Spoiler alert!

Smartypants! Keep an ear! Lucky Pants Bingo has some juicy gossips up its sleeves and if you want to know the titbits on your favourite soaps, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Ready to rock the weekend with some of the latest news on your favourite comedies? Today’s episodes on Coronation Street, EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks are set to be packed with some thrilling and exciting dramas. 

Tonight, on EastEnders, its Hayley’s birthday and Jean throw a surprise party. She has the desire to make Hayley’s day extra special. What’s a birthday without a cake, right? She, therefore, persuades Ian to prepare a delicious cake for the party. However, later Hayley is shocked by all of Jean’s effort to make her birthday amazing. Afterwards, Kat has a candid conversation with Jean and is astonished when Alfie comes by. Yeah! Another surprising visit! In the meantime, Ruby becomes swamped in the market when Whitney attempts to show her support.

It’s Coronation time! Rana is left gobsmacked when she sees Kate bursting into the medical centre and suggests that they should adopt a baby instead. Rana gets angry and forces Kate to leave. Hours later, Kate is drunk, and she proposes Robert be part of the baby plan and to father a baby for Rana and herself. In parallel, Evelyn hesitantly accepts to babysit. Somewhere else, Gina does not say the truth to Sally, she lies instead. And Tim has no intention to talk to her. When Sophie decides to try to talk Tim round, Gina seizes that chance to stamp on Sophie’s plans. Sophie finds Geoff and Tim in the café where she shares with Tim how desperate Sally is. She further explains that Sally wants to speak to him. However, he gets confused and he admits that Gina told him quite the opposite. Elsewhere, during the sponsored one-legged race Kevin puts the blame on Greg when Jack falls and then hurt himself.

During this Emmerdale’s episode, Maya gets jealous. Why you may ask? She overhears Jacob in a conversation with Liv, asking the later to go to the cinema with him. At some other place, Vanessa joyfully agrees on the idea of living together with Charity. They are so happy to start their search for a place together. In another place, Noah takes an audacious risk.

Hollyoaks binge watchers! Darren has filed to have full custody and Kyle promises to find the best lawyer for Nancy. He hires Mr James who then advised Nancy to stop Darren from seeing the kids. This is where the custody war starts. On the other hand, Darren wants to hire an expensive lawyer, but all that Mandy wants is peace.

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                                                                             ***Who overheard Jacob in a conversation with Liv?***



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