World Environment Day

        Our planet is being engulfed by plastic pollution.

The environment is an appealing gift given by nature to mankind, but this alluring gift is too often misused and taken for granted. Therefore, each year, on the 5th of June, we celebrate the World Environmental Day (WED). A day where about 143 countries join their forces together to make a significant impact by raising awareness of the environment. This year, India is the global host and the theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’.

We can’t stress enough on the severe consequences of using plastic. Did you know that every minute of every day, the equivalent of one truckload of plastic enters the sea?  That’s an insane amount of pollution that’s being accumulated! Single-use plastic is so present in our daily life that a lot of our plastics ends up in the environment. Plastic waste whether in a river, an ocean or on land is harmful for the good health of our earth because 99% of plastics are produced from chemicals derived from non-renewable resources. In addition, we produce about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. That’s equivalent to the weight of the entire world.

TAG! YOU’RE IT!  Have you heard these words echoing on the net?  TAG! YOU’RE IT!  The global game of #BeatPlasticPollution has been submerging the blogosphere to raise awareness on the issue of plastic pollution. Several celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Felton and Barbara Hershey made selfie-videos where they show a replacement for some single-use plastic. A great incentive that challenges us to break up with disposable plastic!

Not only is this day a day of awareness but it also allows us to be more cautious on the way we conduct ourselves towards the environment. It is crucial as a citizen of this world that we take the oath of making a positive impact in this world. The #BeatPlasticPollution action is clear that is, if you can’t reuse it, refuse it. Therefore, we should replace our disposable plastic that we use daily with reusable motion or environmental friendly alternatives. For Instance, switch your plastic bottle for a refillable water bottle, little steps like this one will have knock-on benefits on our environment. We are surrounded by single-use plastic which are not necessary.

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We are in the obligation for the good health of our environment to take measures to keep our environment green!

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