During wintertime, most of you are probably freezing, however your heart shouldn’t. This is simply because winter is the perfect time to cuddle up! The current season can be the right time for couples to share romantic moments or for single ones to go on their first date.

There is no need to break the bank to bring back a little sparkle to warm your love life during the frosty weather! All you need are some top winter date ideas that would set the temperature rising!

Coffee Date – Did you know that the temperature of your hot drink can stimulate your feelings of tenderness and trust towards people around you? This has been revealed by researchers from Yale University. They believe that emotional and physical warmth are linked. So a coffee date could be the perfect plan to meet someone for the first time. It will certainly help to ease the conversation and create trust.

Volunteer – Get closer by acting together for a good cause. Why not shovel snow for your neighbour or read a book to the people staying at a nursing home? Such activities will most probably encourage communication between you and bring you closer as you share a common act of goodness. You can even babysit for a friend and see if you can get along with a kid together.

Outdoor Fun - Don’t let the winter blues play with your emotions. Be a kid once again and get into a playful mode by going sledging, building a snowman, making a snow angel or starting a snowball-fight. It can be real fun when its snow-time! For the first time daters, this could well be the opportunity to have your first kiss under the mistletoe!

Cooking – How about taking a cooking class together? Get your hands dirty and feel the sugar rush by baking a cake. Plus, it will give you the perfect excuse to make physical contact while making the dough or when whisking the eggs. You could also take turn to prepare each other’s favourite meal on date nights. Finding the way to your partner’s stomach is taking a step closer to their heart.

Date Night at Home – Imagine a suave music of Barry White playing in the background, the living room filled with the fragrance of aromatic candles, champagne flowing, delicate savoury canapés, and the room temperature kept to the minimum! Doesn’t this sound like the perfect dreamy atmosphere at home? You can watch a romantic movie such as Notting Hill or even a horror movie together. You’ll certainly get the perfect excuse to hug each other during the frightening scenes. Leave a blanket handy… you never know when you might end up under it!

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