Wearing Live Snakes Is A Thing!

The year was 2001, the snake was called Banana… Britney Spears became a VMA Legend! That’s where it all started! Millions witnessed the diva rock the stage in her bikini and denim shorts. That’s when the men said, how can someone be so flawless and the ladies said, are such abs physically possible? Was there some kind of sorcery involved?

Amidst her performance, she appeared with a snake. A SNAKE! As if the performance not thrilling enough, she had to show up with a reptile on her shoulders. It was not for the faint-hearted! From that very moment, the snake trend was born…

We all know when a celeb that does something crazy on stage ends up becomes a trendsetter. But who knew that this will still be going on 18 years later! But this time, it’s not about Spears, honey… Tana is in the house!

Tana Mongeau showed up on the red carpet with a yellow Burmese python... Banana would have been so proud! It can be quite embarrassing for someone to show up at a major event with the same outfit as someone else. But does this apply to accessories? H.E.R made an entrance afterwards with her very own brown Burmese python. What a tribute to Britney Spears!

But where there are animals and celebs on the red carpet, there’s definitely room for a backlash from activists! People were pretty upset about this whole reptile business, because even if they are snakes… they got feelings too, ya know?

Well, things have changed since 2001. Even Spears is facing backlash on Instagram because she posted a photo of $6K snakeskin heels. Have the tables turned?

Of course, H.E.R and Mongeau did raise some eyebrows, but some became pure fans of these two! Twitter was flooded with praises for the snake look! Britney Who? Now that the snakes are back on-trend, don’t freak out when seeing some ladies of the neighbourhood showing off their brand-new exotic “reptilia” collection from Burma!

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