Shakira undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Two kids later, Shakira has still managed to keep her perfectly toned body. Despite her busy schedule, Shakira manages to find time to maintain her body by doing workouts.

Behind this gorgeous look, there is hard work. Shakira follows a daily workout to stay healthy and in form, prepared by fitness guru Anna Kaiser. Shakira’s workout is quite simple with an hour of steps, divided in 30-30 minutes practiced in the morning and in the evening. Power hip-hop, ballet form part of Shakira’s workout. To make her training more fun, Anna Kaiser changes the workout every two weeks, thus avoiding boredom.

Being determined, Shakira finds time to work out even on her tours, by either catching up with her trainer or connecting to her on Skype. If both of these cannot be done, then prep videos are the solution. Shakira never misses out on a day of training.

If you want to move your hips like Shakira… Waka Waka,it’s time for Lucky Pants! Wear your lucky pants and put on the song ‘La Tortura’. Move your hips to the right and left, bend your knees slightly and keep moving; your ‘hips won’t lie’.

This type of dance requires a lot of control and passion; thus you will enjoy yourself while staying fit. What could be a better way to exercise than dancing? Just like moving while the music plays, even playing at Lucky Pants Bingo is a good exercise. Want to know how?

Stretching while playing games, keeping your mind active to answer chat games, tapping fingers, moving your neck, rolling your eyes when getting winnings are small movement that indeed help as a fitness sports.

The perfect time for some fun games at Lucky Pants Bingo has come!

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