We HEART fortune cookies!

We have a confession – we HEART fortune cookies!

We’re talking about the dessert that you get in Chinese Restaurants, you know the one: a shiny wrapper, a crispy shell and the promise of a little insight into how our week is going to turn out… yep, we’re hooked!

So imagine how excited we were to find out that there is a National Fortune Cookie Day! What better time to remind ourselves of those sweet treats from our childhood and to see if we can spread some good fortune to our players in a surprise cookie giveaway!?

Bingo players were told live in the bingo chat rooms that they could expect their cookies in the post, and it was lovely to see their reactions:

“It’s not very often I get a surprise, so just the thought of this is just lovely x” bingonuts.

“That’s good timing, it’s my birthday too!” patto65

So, what did these fortunes say? Well some gave good advice:

~ Don’t just think, act upon it ~

While others talked of luck being just around the corner:

~ Tomorrow will be your lucky day ~

Which certainly seemed to ring true for oxfordguy30.  He was one of the lucky recipients of a Fortune Cookie… and went on to win £140 on Pixies of the Forest slot game!  Now, we’re not saying it was just down to the cookie. No siree, that might be a bit hard to believe, and we pride ourselves on being an objective bunch here at Lucky Pants HQ. So after much deliberation and research, we’re happy to inform you the winning result arose from him eating his fortune cookie… AND wearing his lucky pants.

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