Top Netflix Series 2019

Summer is here! If you are not heading away on holiday or have anything better to do, then don’t worry! We recommend staying home and watching television and when we say television, we mean Netflix... We can think of nothing else better than spending the summer evenings watching your favourite series.

Let us give you a rundown of the most watched series on Netflix at the minute. No matter what your tastes are, you’ll always be able to find something to grab your attention.

Let’s start with Bodyguard. If you like tense thrillers, then this is for you! When Bodyguard first appeared on the BBC, it was highly popular with viewers. Now it has made its way onto Netflix and has found a new audience. This Six-part series follows Home Secretary Julia Montague and her bodyguard David Budd as he does everything he can to protect her. This is made difficult by the fact that he finds her political opinions and methods hard to work with - this really is must-see television!

The hugely popular Black Mirror has returned for series five on Netflix. Black Mirror is a peek at a nightmare of a future where humans have become over-reliant on technology. This collection of short stories will give you chills right from the start. So, to catch a glimpse of a nightmarish future make sure you catch Black Mirror.

If you want to see the funny side of the afterlife, then make sure you check out The Good Place. The show follows the main character Eleanor Shellstrop, as she finds that she has died and gone to ‘The Good Place’. Following an administration error, where Eleanor is supposed to be condemned to the ‘Bad Place’. She must learn to change her ways and avoid being found out and being kicked out of ‘The Good Place’.

Another firm favourite on Netflix is Stranger Things - back in July! If you haven’t watched the first and second series, then we suggest that you do before the new series begins. Set in a small time in 80s America, this amazing series boasts everything from a superb 80s soundtrack, secret government experiments, supernatural forces and gang of lovable geeks. This is the series that will keep you on the edge of your seats!

Or, if you are in a regal mood, then you should definitely watch The Crown. If you love The Royal Family, The Crown will bring you closer to the inner workings of the Queen's world. The series covers all of the major events to have impacted on The Royal Family during their reign. The audience will discover loads of political intrigue and drama when watching The Crown.

We think you’ll enjoy all of these top-notch television series on Netflix, so just kick back and enjoy over the coming months!

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