Top 5 Emotional Movies of All Time



From laughter to tears, and everything in between, some movies have this incredible power of stirring up the very profound of human emotions. Movies are indeed all about feelings, but it’s not just about the ones we see on screen, but also on the emotions we feel. So, let’s look at the top five most emotional movies of all times:



No.5: Forrest Grump

Many of you might not cry at films or even remain dry-eyed in all situations of life. But wait until you have watched Forrest Grump! Starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright, this movie will most probably get you blubbing. With its perfect balance of tragedy and comedy, it certainly plays with your emotions. Towards the end of the movie, Jenny who is bedridden reunites with Forrest, and asks him if he feared Vietnam. While he narrated his adventures in a poetic way, you can hear Jenny finally telling Forrest that she loves him. Then the scene chances to Jenny’s grave with Forrest standing next to it, with a monologue starting “You died on a Saturday morning, I had you placed here under our tree…”. This scene is so overwhelming as it reveals the wickedness of life.

No.4: Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

This is a very sweet and simple movie that revolved around the relationship of a dog called Hachi and his owner. The film is based on a true story that happened in Japan. If you are an animal lover, have your tissue papers ready as will most probably be an emotional roller coaster for you! The film emotional draw is the bond shared between the main two protagonists. In the end, it’s a happy and sweet ending, but simultaneously it pulls your heart. The saddest scene comes when Hachi run away from home to go to the station in the hope of greeting his owner. The most touching part is that Hachi does not know his owner has died, and he continues to wait for him for years at the very same station, until his very last breath.

No.3: The Dark Knight

Batman has been part of the life of most people as they grew. Many of you might have started to read with Batman comics. The fear, pain and uncertainty in Batman’s life had made him someone who is stronger and this is something that is reflected in The Dark Knight. Batman is no ordinary man with a cape, and Christopher Nolan rightly picture this superhero as he prepared for his final act. The movies show how Batman was suffering silently for years, even before the attack, and how he was always on the edge of a breakdown. The movie beautiful pictures the trauma Batman has been through and how he has spiralled to the darker corners of his mind.


No.2: Titanic

If you want to test your emotional strength, Titanic is perhaps one of those movies to do the trick. The opening scene if the movie takes you to the bottom of the ocean where you can see the real Titanic that sank, and there is a ghostly silence. This creates a feeling of authenticity to whatever happens next in the movie. Then romance is in the air with the attractive duo of DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and everyone knows it’s a bittersweet one, as we all know that the tragedy is soon approaching. After the Titanic is struck by the iceberg, the movie takes another term where people are fighting for their lives. The brave Jack sacrifices himself in the name of love for Rose, and this does touch the deepest chords of our hearts.

No.1: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is one heart-breaking tale about the holocaust, and it is based on John Boyne’s novel of the same name. This movie will make you witness the tragedy of the World War II from the eyes of an eight-year-old kid called Bruno, whose father is a Nazi officer. After his family settles near a concentration camp, which the young boy see as a farm. He gets into a unique friendship with Shmuel, a Jewish boy, and this leads to devastating consequences. He sees the Jewish as strange people wearing striped pyjamas, and is oblivious of all the monstrous activities happening around in Auschwitz. The end of the movie is truly a shocking one, which sees both Bruno and Shmuel being gassed while holding hands.


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