From flying witches to creepy crawlies all over the place, Christmas is just one wacky tradition another from around the world. And since the red-letter day is nearly upon us, why not spice things up at Lucky Pants Bingo with a list of the strange traditions for Santa’s big day! From superstitions to folklores, these awesome traditions are here to add to the magic of Christmas…

A Santa Not So Saint…

Imagine this scene… you’re carefully walking along a gorgeously decorated avenue in Austria. The fragrance of Christmas decorations and brightly decorated stores filled with poinsettias. All these marvels stretch for miles and all of a sudden, you are standing face to face with a grotesque half goat-half devil monster. Talk about the horror! And you’re just thinking, is it Halloween or Christmas? Meet Krampus, the evil accomplice of St. Nicholas. Some funky ones would go the extra mile by putting on horns and make-up to become the bogeyman of Christmas.

In Austrian Traditions, St. Nicholas rewards children for their good deeds while Krampus will whisk away naughty children in his sack or give them a piece of coal. So, are you expecting St. Nicholas or Krampus this year?

Good Old Darling, Belfana!

Are you in Italy for Christmas? Well, extend your stay until January 5th. That’s when all the actions take place! You will cherish loads of goodies and freshly baked pies in every fair not to forget that they are all preparing for the arrival of Belfana. Oh, sweet and beautiful Belfana. She is a darling!

Nope, we’re not going to share her number with you… In fact, Belfana is a witch and she is depicted with a long crooked nose, dishevelled hair and a pointy hat tilting on top. Her clothes are said to be that of hermits and she is often holding her broom or a lantern. But Belfana is no bad witch! According to folklore, she visits kids to give gifts and toys and in return, the children will keep local delicacies and wine near the chimney. That’s where she comes to deliver the goodies!

The Poop Log Of Spain

And here is something that has earned an entry in this list purely because it’s perfect for it! In Spain, a Christmas tradition called Tio De Nadal involves a cute and funny looking log that appears as a figurine. The Log is fed candies, nougats, fruits and even water and kept warm with a blanket. How sweet! Such a caring and delightful tradition… But wait… here’s the plot twist!

On Christmas Eve, the log is beaten by Children with sticks until it “poops” out the candies. Usually, children will sing serenades while happily beating the *poop* out of the log! Poor Wooden log… well, things cannot get worse than that, right? Think again; when everything is drained out, he is then considered useless and then thrown in a fire for warmth! That did take a big turn of events!

A Lucky Connection Of Webs!

Have you brought some spiders along with the Christmas tree? Well, if you’re in Ukraine, that is considered auspicious. You might be thinking, what is so good about bringing that creepy crawlies in your home? According to the local folklore, a poor widow could not afford decorations for the family Christmas tree and her kids were sad. On the day of Christmas, they all woke up to see spiders that spun beautiful silken weaves around the tree.

Modern Ukrainians would hide a toy spider around the house and kids would go look for the spider to have presents in return. It is said that the one who finds it is blessed with good luck. Just hope that it doesn’t fall on your hair! Or you get your hair tangled in some webs…

The Real Star Of Christmas In Japan

Thinking of Santa? Nope, there is someone that manages to usurp the throne of Santa from the eyes of the Japanese. It is none other than Mr Colonel of KFC. KFC outlets of Japan experience a boom in sales and such an appreciation even sparked a tradition. Families in Tokyo would often make reservations or order from their Local KFCs and an extra-large bucket of wings is considered lucky for the coming year.

Things improved with the years. Now, KFC outlets propose a festive menu with exceptionally delicious pictures of the buffet. Don’t understand Japanese? We don’t as well, but we can tell you for sure that you are going to have a whale of good times with the premium roast-bird feast!

Oh yes! There’s a strange but amazing tradition at Lucky Pants Bingo as well! We love pampering our dear players with loads of goodies for Christmas. Have you claimed your share of the seasonal offers yet?

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