The Latest Gossips About Your Favourite Soaps

The juicy spoilers are out… ready to chow down the tasty news around your favourite shows?

Oh! Let’s congratulate our last winners: debbie510, tiddles40, mikepisces, liz1971, mifco1, Agg52 and Laura30. Yes, the answer was – ‘’Ross opens about Rebecca with Tracy’’ Well done!

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What’s going on, on Hollyoaks? Things are quite tensed and exciting, right? Tonight’s 5005th episode is about to become very interesting. Let’s dive right into it. Damon gets a letter from his dad. Mr Buster asks his son to pay him a visit in prison. Will Damon go? In the meantime, Brody does his best court Liberty once again by offering her nice cocktails … hum! It seems that he wants to rekindle his relationship with her. What are your thoughts? Somewhere else, Sienna requests Sally about being a teacher for Hollyoaks High. Sally simply laughed at Sienna’s idea! OH!!!!

Good news! Hunter and Asha are back after their vacation in Brighton. Hunter is terrified when he catches sight of Mac. What do you think will happen? Hunter shows his dissatisfaction by spraying: ‘’ Killer Mac is back’’ on a wall. A scene pops up -Asha and Hunter share about their plans of moving to Brighton. Things look awesome, between these two. But how long will it last?

Breda accepts! She agrees to give a hand to Jack. To thank her, Leela wants to prepare a delicious meal to Breda…. Some bad news is about to crop Breda shares to Leela the bad news. However, when Leela offers her double she re-evaluates circumstances.

Another episode, another drama on EastEnders…. There comes Linda, yes Linda Carter. She wants to persuade Halway to help get through to Zara. Her goal –  Get Zara to believe that Stuart was not telling the truth concerning the shooting…. Zara later pays a call to Mick whose in jail. She pleads him to reveal all the truth, every single one.

Guess what? That’s not only Mick’s problem. Yeah! Fraser’s threats are still in his mind. How will the events unroll? Elsewhere, Sharon gets jealous. She envies Keanu and Hayley’s friendship. What maliciously grabs the keys for Phil’s car back from Keanu. Then, somewhere, Hunter’s suspicious increases over Ray due to a mysterious encounter…… he later makes a discovery. What can it be?

Coronation Street, what? Alya learns from Sean that Josh is …. Guess where? At Billy’s flat. She decides to confront him. What will happen? On the other hand, Billy understands Alya has discovered what he’s been hiding. He knows that he will have to tell David everything before Alya does.

The truth is out… Daniel finally shares with Robert and Michelle the identity of Cormac’s dad.

OH! The moment you’ve all been waiting for on Emmerdale has arrived!  The bachelor party is in full swing and the fun has reached its climax. Chas suddenly goes into labour. Guys! Do you think that Chas and Paddy are well prepared for what’s ahead? In the meantime, Debbie shares with Graham that Joe and herself have decided not to have a prenup.

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