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Here, comes Friday! Which means another episode of our zesty juicy tattles?  Oh! There have been quite some twists and turns in the previous episodes. Full of good and bad surprises, right?  Have you played our weekly Facebook Competition based on the spoilers? You can win some Free Spins to spice up your gaming sessions on Luck Pants Bingo. The clues are found down below, just keep your eyes peeled!

Binge watchers! Your favourite soaps will be aired tonight. As in our habits, Lucky Pants Bingo will disclose some news and have a chit chat on some of the piquant events that will unroll today. Ready to dive right into the titbits?

Emmerdale Spoiler: Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk face a heart-breaking decision

In the upcoming episodes in Emmerdale, both Chas and Paddy will face some difficult moments. When they heard the news that their tot named Margarita is suffering from Bilateral Renal Agenesis and that she cannot survive outside the womb. They were crushed with griefs.

Paddy and Chas have decided to donate Margarita’s organs when she dies.

They have agreed to meet with Joanne a woman who were in the same pregnancy situation. Will this meeting help Paddy and Chas to come in term with this difficult reality? Or will it rub salt into the wound? Let’s cross fingers that’s this couple will make it through this terrible time.

Coronations Street Spoiler: Eva arrives unexpectedly for Aiden’s inquest

Coronation fans! Eva arrives at the last minute during Aiden’s inquest. All the Connors are pleased by this sudden reappearance. Johnny goes on to give the evidence, followed closely by Eva Price.

In the meantime, Sean is at work but is a little uneasy when Henry Newton notices that there is a strange smell.

Somewhere else, Gemma is determined to claw back the money that she owes to Leanne. Therefore, Gemma tries to make an impression on Henry by inventing a new cocktail. Do you think that she will impress Henry? Stay tuned to discover how the events will progress!

Hollyoaks Spoiler: Sami and Ellie’s big day has arrived

Ellie Nightingale is exhilarated about the scan but Sami gets distracted and runs late. He lets Ellie know that he will meet with her in the hospital.

In the meanwhile, James gets a phone from Harry. How do you think this happened? Well, Harry sneaked the phone into the prison by giving James a chocolate bar. Nice move, right? How will the situation evolve? Too many questions!

Somewhere else, Imran and Ollie battle to gain Brooke’s affection. Each one of them asks Brooke for a date and she accepts both! HUM! Brooke, what are you doing?

EastEnders Spoiler: The police come to the Queen Vic

Callum ‘’Halfway’’ comes back into the Vic, while things were straightening out to normal, a consequent order of pizzas arrives and everyone gets confused.

The delivery man becomes angry. He asks the payment from the Carters…. Will he receive his money? HUM!!!

……The police end up on Queen Vic. What is going to happen? Well, all eyes on EastEnders tonight!

In parallel, Jean and Hayley babysit Hope together.  Jean urges pregnant Hayley to tell the whole truth to the father because she will need some help. Hayley does not want to follow Jean’s advice as it is too complicated.

This was only a glimpse of today’s episode. Watch tonight’s show to know how things will transpire. Ready!!!!!!!

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