Spring / Summer 2018 Fashion Trends UK


Blimey! The Fashion Month dust has been swept off and we’ve finally got over the wicked London Fashion Week (still wondering where to get that lovely earring from!). Now, fashion-lovers, it’s high time to sort the wardrobe for the upcoming Summer/ Spring Season! It’s never too early to start analysing the UK fashion trends, to stay in style, as the flowers bloom and the sun shines. Quickly take a pen and note the below looks you’ll need to nail- bob’s your uncle!



Sequins & Sparkles

It would be an understatement to say that sparkles and sequins will be just a big deal next summer! All the fashion capitals have witnessed glitters during the Fashion Week. From Tom Ford to Marc Jacobs and from Gucci to Chanel and Dior, this trend is in every collection! Day or night, be your own ball of shining light. Better to style your sequins with a sweatshirt, to look even better!

Pastel Attack!



Oh, the pastel attack is on, ladies and gents! Pastels will be THE fashion statement for this season. Lilac, duck egg blue, lemon or pink? You can expect to see a plethora of the prettiest shades. Tip – if you want to get a lilac bag. . . lucky dip now! Consider ice cream hues and lilac as a combi, and style it differently like Celine!



Cinderella Shoes

If sparkles or sequins are way too much for you, why not consider the Cinderella shoes as an alternative? Style them glittery shoes with socks and nail the Preen look, anytime you go out! Or inspire yourself from Victoria Beckham’s collection and wear more pronounced heels. Even Tom Ford is leading this trend!

Good Old Shoulders

You can call it a comeback- the 1980s trend of BIG shoulders is the highlight of the season! Don’t worry! These types of tops or shirts normally come in soft or light materials, and you can easily counterbalance the ‘extra’ proportion with pencil or mini-skirts. Or feel the breeze by going for a billowing outfit from head to toe.

Checks, please!



Always thought of checks as winter patterns? Wonky! This Spring/Summer, you’ll flaunt them like Alexander McQueen and Mary Katrantzou. This trend is a convincing case for the upcoming season and they come in all colours- blue, sweet red, pale grey or bights! Not just checked clothes are the Spring/ Summer norm. . . but checked bags as well!




 And might the shopping craze begin!

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