Spoiler Alert: Soaps Secrets Revealed!

Pssst… did you hear what happened on Emmerdale? That’s insane! Oh… what about EastEnders? That’s just too much to handle in one night… Alright, players, we’re back for some spicy spoilers on your favourite soaps. And as usual, we’re bringing some Free Spins… Maybe you would like to claim some for yourself! Stay tuned to know-how.

EastEnders: The Wedding Bells For Tiffany And Keegans!

Looks like some are going crazy about getting married. Tiffany and Keegan are still determined to tie the knot in Scotland. Karen, Mitch and Sonia decide to follow the couple to celebrate their union. They are soon joined by Jack.

Meanwhile, Lisa makes a startling discovery; amidst Hunter’s things… Louise pregnancy scan! Coincidence? We think not. Lisa fears that Mel is taking over and things are going to turn bad. On her end, Mel chooses to plan a big joint party for Sharon and Louise. For Lisa, this is all to buy her affections. How will things turn out for her?

Hollyoaks: Shot!

Okay? We all jumped out of our seats when Mercedes took a bullet on stage! The police come in to investigate and Liam says he was “out and about” when she was shot. Grace and Sylver reveal their whereabouts.

It seems that someone got confused about their alibi! Goldie catches Joel red-handed when he struggles with his own claims. This only increases Goldie’s interest.

Meanwhile, Stuart and Jonny clearly show that they don’t have respect for Ste. Like, how could they! The guy is only trying to help them around the house. Ste manages to throw a secret note over the fence to the Maaliks. Believe us… It’s no love letter!

Coronation Street: You’ve Got Some Shady Dealings, Gary!

Gary’s ledger is in the wrong hands! Ali discovers that he has been working as a loan shark and threatens to tell Maria everything. Meanwhile, Robert assures Vicky that he will tell Michelle about the baby soon (promises! We know how it ends…) Michelle is fed up of Ray giving her other tasks that she’s not used to.

Carla is confused. Amy tells her that Robert grassed her up to Steve about Carla’s friendship with Tyler. Poor Michelle is twice surprised. Why would Robert get involved in all of this drama? Is there some hidden agenda behind his interference?

Emmerdale: Amy Reveals the Shocking Truth To Dan!

Amy decides to talk to her mum’s ex, Dan Spencer. Of course, all thanks to Kerry’s big mess. Alright, we get it that she was drunk … but did she actually sleep with Cain Dingle? The horror! Worse still… Amy is outraged at the fact that her mother looked past the fact that Cain got her pregnant and tried to make her abort the child. We all know how it ended: Amy gave birth to the child… as a teenager… in a graveyard… and left the tot in a phone box!!

Amy vents to Kerry’s devoted ex and shares her rage at her mum’s action. She advises him to stay away from her messy mother.

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