Spoiler Alert On Your Fav Soaps!

Howdy, smarty pants! What’s cooking tonight? Friday is here and that means it’s time for another wave of juicy spoilers for your favourite soaps. Like seriously, we love revealing some of the spiciest events so keep an ear out.

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No time for games, let’s kick out the latest titbits!

Hollyoaks – Not Welcoming At All!

Glenn is back in the village! His arrival, however, is much to the dismay of Maxine and Grace. As they watch him walk towards them, they are overwhelmed with disappointment.

Meanwhile, Harley and Peri might be missing school days. They are thinking of going back but Harley is not convinced yet. Perplexed, she believes she is not brilliant enough for school. Breda arrives as a ray of hope, helping Harley to prepare through a mock interview.

Emmerdale – Is The Secret Out Yet?

Ellis raises questions with Jessie. He wishes to know about her relationship with Marlon and if he knows about their secret. Jessie did not reveal any secret to Marlon and reassures Ellis that she will tell him only if she has to.

On the other side, the village is still struggling to adapt to the recent carnage.

Coronation Street – Jim Is Back!

Jim begs Peter for an opportunity to explain himself, but the latter ignores him. Peter is still remembering the time Jim poisoned him with alcohol in prison.

On the other hand, Billy tries to explain to Bethany that he considers himself responsible for the ordeals befallen on Josh. He wishes to help! Bethany accuses him of betraying David. She decides to reveal this and storms to his home. However, noticing how David is happy, she agrees to keep him away from the news, provided that Billy stops visiting Josh.

Meanwhile, Peter seems to be having a soft corner for Toyah. Carla decides to play the matchmaker between them so that she overcomes her emotions for Peter. Will she be successful without succumbing to her feelings?

Eastenders – A Date Not Like The Others

After his disastrous proposal, Jack wishes to make up with Mel. However, Ray has arranged a lunch with Mel and Hunter, but they are not the only one to join. He invites Jack as well to join them. What’s on his mind?

Keanu gives his word to Sharon about hiding the things he saw at the canal. He feels uncomfortable when Sharon hands him some notes, claiming that Phil owes him money. In a twist of events, Sharon is stunned to see the cash in her letterbox.

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