Spicy Spoilers Alert!

Howdy lovely players! This Friday rings the bell for some juicy tittle-tattles about your shows. Let’s start off this upcoming weekend by announcing the big winners of last week’s contest. Yes! Five lucky winners received some juicy Free Spins by answering a question about Emmerdale last week.

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Let’s dive right into the juicy gossips of tonight’s episodes.

Emmerdale Spoiler Alert!

Dan can lose Amelia. All over again! She buys bus tickets for herself and Beth.  What is she planning? Well, Amelia wants to run away to Scotland. Will Beth make Amelia see reason? Will Dan lose his little daughter again? A lot of palpitating questions, right? In the meantime, somewhere else, Rhona is very enthusiastic about the future.

Hollyoaks Spoiler Alert!

Cindy and Liberty are both worried and upset after the disclosure of Milo. Ds Cassidy hunts down Milo before he gets arrested and driven in for an interrogation. Meanwhile, Glenn gets an angry reprimand by Sally because he is late on building the school. She further explains that the board of directors would very much like to see his accounts. Glenn shares with Grace that he has over £20,000 that he can’t account for. In another place, Darren and Mandy are together on shift at the Hutch. Darren wants to spend time with Mandy. He convinces Nancy to take her time off.

EastEnders Spoiler Alert!

Phil lefts Dennis alone. When Sharon finds out, she heads over at The Arches to look for him. When she arrives there, Dennis is missing. He had a confrontation with a gang. Sharon then makes a nerve-wracking discover. His jacket is in a pit. What happened to Daniel? Will Keanu clear up the question of what has happened? Somewhere, Hayley asks Keanu for a drink. HUM! In parallel, Bernadette and Patrick urge Ted to go along with Joyce’s wishes. Elsewhere, Carmel receives a letter and she is anxious to open. What is in the letter? What is it about? Do you have a guess? Ian is horrified! He got some news while concocting lunch in the restaurant.

Today’s episode will be full of thrill!!!!

 Coronation Street Spoiler Alert!

Saira consents to let Rana visit her father. As soon as Saira expresses to Hassan that Rana realised her wrong behaviour, he presses the hand of his daughter and dies. Rana is tormented with guilt because she did she bout the truth. She lied to Hassan on his deathbed. During this episode, Billy pays a visit to Josh. The latter blames Billy for the fact that he is sightless and that he will never have a normal life. Billy feels guilty. On the other hand, Leanne finally approaches Imran concerning the PA Vacancy. How will the events roll?

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