Spicy News From Christmas Paparazzies

Other than decorating our own trees to perfection or get into the kitchen to treat that sweet tooth, we always love to keep a watchful eye on our favourite celebrities. It seems that they are all busy getting that Christmas Tree standing as well… the pictures on Instagram says so! But not everyone is spending their Christmas like that. We’ve just got our hands on some leaked info from five celebs. Shuuush… some did place their mistletoes… and you do know what that means, right?

Get comfy and let’s start with the titbits!

Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge

Prince William and Kate Middleton were tuning in to the Queen’s Christmas Party where they joined the table with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as well. But that’s just a slice of the story! We are all very familiar with the Royal Christmas Cards where each of the royalties will share their favourite and very different photographs. The Cambridge family did their shot in a countryside, near their Norfolk home of Anmer Hall. Their motto? Go simple and casual while their kids climb around them. Oh! Princess Charlotte looked so cute!

Kim Kardashian

Bad news! Kim and her family are not going for family Christmas Card this year! No family photos…  @thejakekardash tweeted the following;

I feel like with the drama that happened last year, we may not get a Kardashian Christmas Card this year”

But that was just a fan response. The rumours sparked when Kim quoted the tweet with a little add on; “Wow reading my mind!”

KIM! What was that! And we were so eager to check out the West family in a picture. Some caught the action during the season premiere of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. That was the time when Kim and her sister Kourtney got into a heated argument over the schedule of the annual Christmas Card photo shoot. And it was a whole 5 minutes of insults and yelling. It was fun to watch though…

Robbie Williams

We know that fans of Robbie Williams are enthusiastically waiting for the release of his next album. Well, weeks ago, Robbie showed his followers on YouTube, a little glimpse of the music he is composing. Of course, even if you’re a celebrity, you do need to have some holidays right.

We bumped onto Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda while they were travelling to a sun-soaked destination for their winter holidays. Not everyone finds the cold comforting, for sure! Even if they did not reveal their location, they couldn’t resist updating their Instagram with some pics with their children. Looking fab in your electric blue shorts, Robbie...

Holly Willoughby

While we might be busy with the Christmas Preparations, someone is getting featured on this year’s highly anticipated Christmas 2018 advert. This new advert revolved around the must have moments, the moments that makes the holiday seasons special; from decorating a tree to being envy of someone else gift. That’s the magic of Christmas!

At the beginning, Holly asks, “what makes Christmas, Christmas?”, before we see her struggle to get pass behind the tree and plug in her lights. As the scene changes to the traditional parties, modern dancing gets to gather to simply someone waiting for a bus alongside a granny! This is all what makes Christmas. With only a short video of 1 minute, Holly Willoughby showed us what real Christmas is like. And we’re sure you will be able to relate!

Mariah Carey

Come… say it with us! All I Want For Christmas is YOUUU! One thing is for sure about Mariah Carey; Christmas could be one of her favourite moments of the year. The celebrity is once again in Manhattan for the night of joy and festivity.

This year, the annual show started on the 1st of December and when through until 17 of December. Fans were getting crazy as they witnessed her in her white and red dress all along. We managed to get some of the reviews of the performances and many say that Act I: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and Act II: Joy of The World were top favourites of the night. Hmmm… we wonder, what wonders she will be up to for 2019’s Christmas!

Here’s your dose of the zesty gossips on your favourite celebs. We are still spying for the latest peppery gossips… to keep you up to date, of course. Serve the tea, folks, we’re going to be back with some nice gossips on your celebs and shows soon!

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