Secret Obsession - Netflix

Secret Obsession has been buzzing on Netflix! This movie is about a psychopath who kidnaps a woman after she has been in an accident. The twist in the story takes place, when the woman loses her memory but ends up learning about her past. Spoilers! Let’s take a look at this tense movie.

A woman (Brenda Song), gets hit by a car when she attempts to run away from an unknown attacker. She wake’s up and finds herself in the hospital with short-term memory loss. She can’t recall nothing about the incident or her life. Yet, a man (Mike Vogel) is beside her - he presents himself as her husband, Russell. He shows her photoshoped pictures of them and herself in her previous life. He also lies that her parents were dead and that her name is Jennifer.

Things get interesting when Detective Frank Page (Dennis Haysbert) makes a deeper investigation into the accident and Jennifer’s case. While this plays out, Russell brings Jennifer home and little by little she realises that she is in the wrong place. Plus, the behaviour of Russell changes and he becomes more obsessed and controlling.

Sooner or later, Jennifer finds out the truth. She discovers personal documents which have been hidden by Russell. But we learn that Russell isn’t his real name and his real name is Ryan. We also learn that he has been fired from his job because of his temper. But it doesn’t end there, Jennifer discovers that her husband whos is named Russell is in fact dead. Jennifer is clearly in danger, luckily Detective Page manages to guide her around this dilemma.

For those who haven’t watched the movie yet, give it a try. Who knows, you might love this movie.

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