Quirky Restaurants in London



London is the top place to experience a dining experience which is beyond exceptional cuisine. The city boasts quirky venues which proposes outstanding food in a different atmosphere which will make you travel each time you grab a bite. Below are the unique spots you can book a table at, to enjoy unique food items!




Archipelago brings the finest culinary influences from worldwide, bringing exoticism, in the centre of London. Decorated with golden buddhas, giant peacock features and dwarf palm trees, this restaurant’s interior brings the peculiar feel. And oh! The menu might raise an eyebrow or two! Crocodile, kangaroo, zebra and bison are the specialities of this exotic venue. However, traditional chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes are also served. For risk-takers, there are also some atypical ingredients like garlic and chilli locusts, and meal worm faux caviar. 

Beach Blanket Babylon

Beach Blanket Babylon symbolises the very best of cool Britain in an atmosphere of pure decency. This restaurant fills an old Georgian house in the soul of Notting Hill. The décor is a mixture of French and English architecture; the scene is just magical and unique. The bar is adorned with chandeliers, open fireplaces and velvet sofas, which oozes warmth and glamour. The restaurant offers contemporary European cuisine like sandwiches, salads and sides.

Circus Restaurant

With a revolutionary décor done by British designer, Tom Dixon, Circus restaurant has a retrograde atmosphere. This venue is not all about stylish eating or drinking, it is also about surprise cabaret and circus acts, like the name suggests. Their menu is highly popular and is the sole work of their executive chef, Andrew Lasseter. As you enjoy some exotic punch or cocktails, skilled performers will parade to your tables, and will make the night entertaining.

Mari Vanna

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dine in old Russia? Mari Vanna brings the perfect feel of winning and dinning at Granma’ house. This venue proposes the authentic feel of soviet era kindness and cuisine.  The menu boasts Russian delicacies like vinigret, shuba-coat, kholodetz, Siberian pelmeni and Russian sauerkraut. The venue boasts a true Russian atmosphere with ancient images and books, and the food is genuine as well. Plus, the plates and utensils used plunges you into Russia.

Shaka Zulu

Located in Camden, Shaka Zulu brings the South African feel with its original interior decoration. This two-floor restaurant, club and bar is the perfect place for family entertainment. Unique cocktails, grilled meats and addictive music is what makes this location a must-visit one. Covered in wooden murals, the menu of this ‘theatre of food’ keeps changing. But it remains most famous for its varieties of meats like lamb, beef, chicken and beef.

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