April Fools Pranks

Bring it on Pranksters!!

Its that time of the year again!! Yes, you guessed it, April Fools Day!! BUT the real question here is are you prepared??

Fear not!!! We got your back…. Here are a few harmless April Fool’s pranks you may want to try!! Check it out!!

Surprise them with insects.

We all have that one friend who FREAKS out when it comes to creepy crawlies! This April Fool’s joke is bound to get a reaction. Unroll the toilet paper slightly, draw or print a cutout of an insect and place it on a few of the sheets. Roll it back up and wait for your victim…

Help Them Learn A New Language

Swap language settings on the TV or their phone so everything they see will be in either French, Spanish or Japanese! Do remember if you are using the TV do hide the remote so they can’t change the settings!

Humans Can Fly!!

Have you heard of that?? Well you can be the one who will make a person fly in the air with this prank! Tape a horn under their seat. As they sit the horn will go off, making them fly off their seat!

Or even fly out the room! Tape the horn behind the door, as they open the door, it will hit the horn and it will go off. Making your target run as fast as Tom Hanks on the movie Forest Gump.

Oooooppps, I broke your phone!

Install the broken screen prank app on your phone. Then open the app and ask your friend if they can hold your phone while you are doing something…. As he/she touches the screen it will make a cracking sound and the screen will break. That’s where your acting skills need to kick in. As you look at your phone pretend to be shocked and break down in tears. Look at their reaction and that’s when you shout APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

Honey, It’s Time To Wake Up!

Put on scary make up or a frightening mask and lay down next to your victim…. Tap them gently on the shoulder to wake up!! As he/she fights off the beauty sleep and open his/her eyes, they will surely jump out of bed when they see you!!! That’s what you call an INSTANT wakeup call!!

Toilet Explosion

Harmless yet, would scare the bejesus out of your next target! Get a box of TNT Pop-Its, place it on the toilet under the seat. Be sure to place the Pop-Its in the position of the nobs on the toilet seat! Gently put the seat down and wait!!! As he/she sits to use the toilet, BANG!!  

April Fools’ Day pranks can make a memorable and fun day!! Chose your targets wisely and pick out the perfect prank. Make sure he or she can appreciate the joke and enjoy the fun. Be warned as you never know what they have planned for you… So be on your guard!!! Trust no one on April Fools, if you don’t know what’s happening around that corner or behind that closed door, DON’T go it could be a trap!!!

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