Spring has finally arrived, with blossom blooming and birds singing on a bright and sunny day! This has everyone thinking about what to do when there is a bank holiday in May! Which we all know is coming soon!

If you are one of those who enjoys staying indoors especially on a raining day, well we have great ideas for you to try! Check out these thrilling indoor activities you can do!

Indoor Water Park

Towels? Check, Swimming Costumes? Check! Sunscreen? Check! Wait for a second!! No need for that as we going to Waterworld Stoke. The most awesome tropical park in the Midlands!! This perfect water paradise is home to 30 rides and activities be it indoors or outdoor zones! If you really want to make a splash, this will be the perfect splashing event for you and your family!


Look no further as Lee Valley Ice Centre offers you a range of fun events! If you are a new skater, no problem, Lee Valley has you covered with the learn to skate courses from toddlers to adults! In no time the family will get into the groove of the disco tunes and glide across the rink like a boss!!


Take a trip to Hollywood, for a great all round of fun with friends and family! This retro theme bowling alley, awesome arcades with delicious foods and a variety of yummy drinks! You are sure to be kept entertained! Keep up to date with the latest events which are perfect for sharing great quality time with your loved ones!  


Its time to Flip Out!! Do you have a massive amount of energy that needs to be unleashed!! Well, Flip Out is the place to do so!! They have the biggest trampolines, stunt box zones, ball games and other interesting activities that will have you freaking out for more!! Keep an eye on the upcoming events with local DJs and have some partying fun!

 If you the outdoorsy and adventures type and don’t mind getting your hands dirty once in a while! Then these are defiantly a must try!

Hampton Court Palace

Are you into history?? Come experience the public dramas and the private life of Henry VIII, his wives and children.  Take a tour and admire Henry’s great hall, the Tudor kitchens and the well known haunted gallery! You will also have the opportunity to discover the baroque palace that was built for William III and Mary II and explore the majestic gardens!! This is defiantly an attraction that should not be missed!

Museum of English Rural Life

Discover the new immersive galleries, research the collections or even relax in the café and garden. The Museum uses its diverse collections to explore how skills and experiences of rural people being past and/or present, which can help shape our lives.

Bocketts Farm

Have your gumboots ready for this adventure! With a combination of animals, play areas (both inside and out), hop on board the tractor and trailer, meet the cute and cuddly animals, take a pony ride and many more fun activities! Bockettes Farm has special events coming up so do keep up to date so you can have a fun-filled day with the Bockettes Farm Family!

Virginia Water Lake

Do you want to just take a break from your busy life in the main city? You want to just explore and breathe in some fresh air? The Virginia Water Lake is popular because of the forest and the large lake. You get to hike the 4.5mile trail, but not to worry as there are plenty of benches cut from logs that offer you comfy seats if you get tired! If you are lucky you might get to see a few pheasants and other interesting but harmless wildlife.

Alice Holt Forest

At Alice Holt Forest there is so much to do, you won't even know where to start! You can walk cycle, have a picnic, play family games, follow the Zog and the Dragon activity trail, play your way through the Timberline trail and much more! You probably think where to begin! Well, the first step is the stuff that picnic basket with yummy goodies, pack the car, OH! Don’t forget to pack the kids to. LOL… and head on over to Alice Holt Forest!

Now, which will you choose to be an indoorsy activity or outdoorsy activity, the choice is yours!! Happy Holidays!

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