No Trousers on The Tube Day!


This Sunday was one of our favourite days of the year – yes, it was the great global prank that’s known as No Pants Day, also known in the UK as No Trousers on the Tube Day!




No trousers 1


For the last 18 years, this “international celebration of silliness” – started in New York by the Improv Everywhere group – has got people stripping off and stepping out. 




No Trousers 2

The stunt has two simple rules: 1. You must be "willing to take trousers off on the Tube"; 2. You must also be "able to keep a straight face about it".

And this year didn’t disappoint – check out the hashtag #notrouserstuberide to see a truly saucy selection of shots!

So the question is: would you dare to bare your pants out in public? To help you decide, we’ve created this nifty little chart:


No Trousers Chart

Lucky Pants Bingo