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Oye, lovely peeps! The weekend is here… and so are our spicy spoilers’ alerts at Lucky Pants Bingo. Grab your snacks and drinks and keep an ear for some exclusive tittle-tattles happening right now!

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EastEnders – A Date Or A Wait?

The Carters are disturbed once again with strange events cropping out of nowhere! With Whitney assisting the ordeal, they begin to wonder who is behind this occurring? Is it Stuart? He must have some crude reasons behind his motive. Halfway resolves that it is high time to pay a visit to his dear brother… Yet, is it the same situation on the other side?

Billy is perplexed whether the idea to let Honey go on her date with Adam was correct. As he finally concludes to change his mind, he tries to stop Honey. In a twist of events, he takes back his words and lets Honey go on her date. Do you think that the date would go as expected?

Coronation Street – Shootout On The Streets!

BOOM! The man in the car fires his gun and it hits Peter in the chest. It’s none other than Tyler. He speeds away in his car while Carla watches the horror and screams. Even if Leanne rebukes her for putting the life of Simone at risk, she seems more worried about Peter. Will Carla finally admit that she still has feelings for Peter?

While Simone was previously determined not to testify in court after the attack, he changes his mind, much to the dismay of Leanne. What can possibly go wrong?

On the other side of the story, Jude is still ignorant of the end of his marriage and brandishes a dress for Mary, for Angie’s and his’ vows renewal. He then asks Angie to wait another day before announcing their break up to the public.

Emmerdale – A News Not So Nice…

Emmerdale binge-watchers! To keep some suspense, here’s a glimpse of what to expect in tonight’s episode. Stay tuned! Amazing events might unfold.

Bernice is struggling! Doug is back with news. But, the news is not something that was expected. Is it related to Lachlan?

Lachlan is soon terrorised but he manages to hide his fears. What is tormenting him?

Hollyoaks –A Splash Of Vodka and A Sprinkle Of Love!

Brody and Ollie are reunited in the car park where they engage in some kick-about. Brody realises that Ollie is finally living his dream.

Soon after, when Scott decides to overlook the mix-up, he meets with Ollie but then the latter’s water bottle falls… SPLASH!... It’s vodka!

On the other hand, love seems to be brewing between Damon and Holly. He pays her a visit and offers her some gorgeous flowers. Showing that he cares and that he is trying to amend his ways seem to make a good impression on Holly. Then, they rekindle and share a kiss. Is it all sweet as honey between them?

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