No Pants Day

There’s a day called No Pants Day?! This is the best thing ever! You know, those days where you could just let your skin enjoy the cool breeze! This day was brought to life when a few kids at a university in America decided to drop their trousers at the end of the semester as a humorous stunt. Oops, the American term for trousers is pants.  Just a quick confusing reminder.

There is another story that occurred on the 2nd May, 1986. A man, as every morning, went to board the tube. But that day, he found people staring at him in fits of laughter. Only then he realised he did not have his trousers on, being in a rush. Remarkably, he proudly smiled and carried on with his day.  That is why today, No Pants Day is celebrated on the first Friday of May. It’s cheeky and a great laugh!

No Pants Day is celebrated all around the globe in countries such as The United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden and still spreading. No Pants Subway Ride is completely different from No Pants Day. On this day, people in the community take rides on the subway wearing nothing but underwear. You will be surprised at how many people take part in this day. No Pants Subway Ride is normally celebrated at the beginning of the year. You know that moment when everyone is fully dressed but have no trousers. Awkward! More than sixty cities in more than twenty-five countries have celebrated this day with thousands of people.

Some pranksters had recently staged and placed people in London’s underground station. They entered the Tube and the people who were staged in the role started to remove their trousers. Of course, some people were reluctant but a lot of individuals removed their trousers and sat in the tube with straight faces. Like it didn’t bother them! This was to encourage people to take part in the “No Pants on The Tube Day” and guess what? It worked! How many of you will be leaving your house with no trousers today?

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