Where to meet UK’s eligible celebrity bachelors!

Have you ever thought about what it feels like to be a celebrity? Whether it is a usual thing to have your favourite pizza in Italy in the middle of the week or simply a weekend in the Bahamas just to keep your tanning perfect? When walking in those shoes, the expertise of a stylist is a must to match your earrings to the ride of the day - a flashy Bentley Continental GT. Well, everything has to be naturally … grandiose! Don’t you agree?

One quickest way to become a celebrity too is to be seen with one of them, especially if the latter has not put that wedding ring on yet. Forget about playing hide and seek with their bodyguards to have the chance to talk to them. You can simply be in the background waving to have your lot of attention too (mama, I love you) or simply shine with your most beautiful smile. Someone, somewhere, somehow might see your talent and there you go for an unbelievable experience.

Maybe you will be interested to know that Jude Law was recently seen in East London. He also mentioned a few times that his favourite city is London, “I was born here and I live here”. So you know where to go to see him. Orlando Bloom must have a uniform tan now, especially that he lost his lucky pants last summer. You have more chances to meet him in Canterbury as this is the place where he was born. How about Emma Watson? Her time as Hermione in Harry Potter is over and now she is the face of Burberry. She was brought up and trained as an actress in Oxfordshire, did you know?

Now, how to get their attention? The chances are good if you take care of your looks. Everything counts!

It is better to stay fit. Try to be active, as even though celebrities party a lot, they are usually disciplined when it comes to their physique. Haven’t you noticed their radiant skin and glossy hair? Do not hesitate to add accessories to your outfit, it completes your look and makes you special. Oh yes! The sunglasses is a must.

You must be ready to go on a mission now and find your most favourite celebrity.

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