Love Island 2020 – The New Lovebirds of the Season!

It’s here, it’s finally here!

Love Island officially returns for another five weeks of sunburn, heartbreak, and drama. But this time, in the scorching summer heat of South Africa. The reality dating show is known for its sun-bathing contestants, cheeky challenges and for introducing new slang to the world.

The winter season will feature many hopefools looking to find love, so hold on tight and let’s meet a few of them…

Shaughna Phillips, a Democratic Services Officer, describes herself as "fun, chatty and clever". She added: "When they hear me speak about certain things, they'll be shocked. I like to get on with everyone, too." But hey, it’s Love Island… if you don’t get on with everyone, they’ll turn you off!

Leanne Amaning says she’s “fun”, but thinks she'll need to learn to be more open while in the villa. When asked what’s she’s looking for in a man, she admits “The list does go on..." Will she be too picky or will she find someone who ticks all her boxes?

Eve and Jess Gale want to spice things up. The twins currently study and work as VIP hostesses in London. Both are confident and easy-going. The two sisters choose Anthony Joshua as their celebrity crush. They certainly appear to be the birds of a feather! How far will this sisterly chemistry go? (Not far it seems, as Eve has already been dumped from Love Island!)

Singer Paige comes from a small village where everyone knows everyone. She is looking for someone with "a different mentality" and describes herself as a "natural flirt". Who will she be serenading?

Siânnise Fudge finds herself “sassy and fun" and knows what she's on the look-out for. Nicknamed ‘Princess Aladin’ by her friends, this beauty consultant is on the lookout for someone “Tall, dark and handsome – I’m after my own Aladdin, I guess.”

Connor Durman from Brighton has been living in Australia for the past four years. This coffee bean salesman says that he’s had two big relationships, "one good, one bad". Something tells us he was brewing more than coffee for his partners…

Police officer Mike feels his charming nature will attract attention in the villa, while his mum hopes he'll meet someone and move out of her house! The key question for is: Did he bring his handcuffs with him?

Callum Jones claims to have "builders' banter" – whatever that is. He’s down-to-earth, as well as "a cheeky chap". As someone who prefers independent women, it’s no wonder that Megan Fox is his celebrity crush.

Then there’s Nas Majeed. He claims to be different from the guys who have been on the show before. This sports science graduate says that he is as "caring, funny and considerate – a well-rounded person".

The new season kicked off on the 12th of January 2020. Are you watching?

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