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Imagine that you are at the edge of your seat watching a nail biting scene of your favourite soap, with your eyes glued to the box in a hypnotic manner! You don’t even want to blink for a millisecond not to miss out on anything about the big secret that is to be revealed. And suddenly the screen goes blank and the soap soundtrack starts playing!

Yes! This is the announcement of the end of today’s episode, and you’ll have to wait until the following day to know what’s going to happen next! You would most probably agree this is the most frustrating part of watching a daily soap opera! And it’s worst when you won’t know what’s coming up next until the weekend is over! We have all been through this at least once!

It’s rightly said that nothing can come between you and your favourite T.V show! Don’t you agree? If there is anything that might probably stop you from watching an episode, it would most certainly be a general blackout in the country. 

But today, you won’t have to wait impatiently for the next episode! Get a sneak peek at what’s going to happen on your fav show now Lucky Pants Bingo simply by reading our hot spoilers! Yes, it’s practically impossible to hold yourself from reading what’s coming up next!

Hollyoaks: Guess who is back! Ryan Knight! He is dead set to win Amy’s heart back by rearranging their wedding. The cheater turns up and proposes, but will Amy accept Ryan’s marriage proposal?

Ryan left a voicemail for her before he went, but this was deleted by Ste slyly. There is a doom in the upcoming episodes, Amy will die in a shocking twist! Yes, you heard it right. Might Ryan be behind it if she rejects him and leaves him in a rage?

Emmerdale: Lauren and Gabby find out that Ashley isn’t eating properly after paying him a visit. It doesn’t take long before his ex-wife finds out why!

On the other hand, poor Paddy gets caught in the middle when Vanessa and Rhona continue to argue about the tape. Stay tuned as Lidia is going to tell Rishi that she doesn’t want another date with him…What will be his reaction?

Eastenders: Things are still not well between father and daughter…Just when it seemed like peace has settled in, Bex drops the bombshell that she’s not going back to school!

Shirley is missing her family already…When she meets up with them, well it’s not the family reunion she was hoping for. Tina doesn’t hold herself and gave Shirley a piece of her mind. She’s fuming that she deserted her responsibilities to Sylvie, leaving them all on their own.

Coronation Street: The series will be packed with new happenings this week! You will get to see Bethany’s reaction when Gary and Sarah announce over dinner that they will buy a house together!

In the meanwhile, Bethany falls deeper into Nathan’s trap…Poor Nick forgot that he and Leanne have an appointment to register Oli’s birth. Steve jumps to the occasion and sets off in pursuit of Leanne.  Michelle is not helping in this situation. Instead, she’s spreading poison in Nick’s ear – telling him Leanne doesn’t care about him.

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