Finally, time to spill the beans!!! More spoilers that will get your brains working and your upper lips sweaty! Here comes our most favourite time of the week on, spoilers! Apart from playing our most preferred games! It’s time to spoil it for you soap lovers, coming back to you again with Juicy Spoilers!

Hollyoaks: Marnie is being threatened by James, if she doesn’t continue with their plan, he will expose her! After the revenge plan was carried out, Mac ended up in the hospital. Marnie panics when the doctors ask if she would know what could’ve caused the stroke! Marnie is shocked when Mac doesn’t recognise his surroundings when they get home, the plan went too far! Zack is down after being dumped by Leela. Simone attempts to set Cleo and Zack up, super fail! Why would she even? Never mind! Hunter tries to kiss Neeta, when she steals a cake from Sally’s office and he gets the wrong idea! Yasmine, Prince and Alfie get lost on the way to a local party. The boys think Yasmine is faking chest pain until she collapses…! Meanwhile Cleo reveals her love for Joel. Took her long enough!  

Emmerdale: Pollard is suspicious after what happened yesterday. While Debbie is caught after taking her revenge on Chrissie! Bella lingers on her feelings for Lachlan! Tracy turns herself in to the coppers by providing a video of the attack as evidence. Eric butts in and steals the phone, will he manage to destroy the evidence? Well, he tried to smash the phone. Kerry gets a grip of the phone and takes it to the police to give in what’s left on it as evidence, David follows her. Tracy is put behind bars for who knows how long, David is heart sore that Tracy confessed. Charity threatens to tell Lawrence about Debbie and Rebecca’s business plans if they don’t make her partner! Meanwhile, Moira tells Faith about the attack on the farm. When she goes to confront ross, he insists that this time he wasn’t responsible. Who carried out the attack?

Eastenders: Mick is back in Albert Square; will he figure out the happenings that took place while he was away? Kush tries to get over Denise by going on a date, and Kim tries to make his new interest feel uncomfortable. Denise is offered a shoulder to cry on, but will she take it? Mick is still in the dark but Shirley confesses to Whitney that she forged Mick’s signature. When going to tell Mick the truth, Shirley realises it’s too late when she spots him talking to Fi. Will he react badly? On the other hand, Kush wishes Denise good luck for her exams, and she tells Kim she just wants to befriend Kush. What will be her reaction when Kim tells her about Kush’s recent date? Dot asks for Max’s help trying to get Charlie and Jack to see past their differences. Max is baffled when Dot excludes him from the meeting.

Coronation Street: Kate sees Johnny leaving court with a bombshell. Nathan arrives home with Beth’s next client and is furious when he doesn’t find her. Beth wakes up in panic and goes crazy smashing everything in sight when she finds out that Sarah and Gary have locked her in. Aidan makes out that the hotel booking was a surprise for Eva. Will Eva find out about his affair? Johnny tells Kate that the bombshell he was with was a masseuse and convinces her not to tell Jenny. Daniel and Sinead return to Oxford and tell Adam they would’ve stayed longer if it wasn’t for Daniel’s exams. On his way to the exams, Adam kidnaps Daniel and put him in Ken’s car boot. In a deserted park, Adam convinces Daniel to confess about Ken’s attack while recording, has Adam got the right guy? Kate drags Johnny to the hospital and the doctors suggest he get a test for MS and Parkinson’s disease. 

Come to now and discuss your thoughts about your favourite soaps to your friendly CM’s and your bingo mates! What do you think will happen in the next episode of the captivating television series?  

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